Various from Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs 8/1/2015


Eric Dobkin, Dr. Gabor Herman, Paul Maritz: STOP Helping Palestinian Terrorists’ Families

bds1aBarbara Dobkin & Eric Dobkin, Arthur & Edith Stern, Olive Bridge Fund, Jacob & Hilda Blaustein, Carole and Saul Zabar, Sally Gottesman, Murray Koppelman, Leichtag Foundation, Alisa Doctoroff, Bonnie and Marty Tennenbaum, Rosenzweig Coopersmith Foundation, Yaffa and Paul Maritz, Bryna Linett, William and Sera Goldman, Edith Everett, The Moriah Fund, Dr. Gabor Herman, David Hochberg […]READ MORE

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Four-year-old non-Muslim boy kidnapped, forced to join ISIS terror camp to learn Sharia law and Koran, given sword to behead his own MOTHER

trained by isisBut the outcry is for Cecil — A little non-Muslim boy was kidnapped, forced to learn passages from the Koran and Sharia Law, and even given a sword and taught how to behead his own mother. Obama says, the Islamic State is not Islamic. The new normal. “Yazidi boy, four, is forced to join ISIS […]READ MORE

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Minnesota: Opening of charter school derailed after questions raised its possible ties to Muslim Brotherhood group

summit charter schoolI wrote for years on the public school madrassa, the Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy (TiZA), in Minnesota. It was a publicly funded Islamic school, in direct violation of the separation of mosque and state. “Sunlight is the best disinfectant, ” said Louis Brandeis. Indeed. Charter schools are public schools, and by law must not endorse or […]READ MORE

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Iran Worked with Al Qaeda, Docs from Raid on Bin Laden Compound Show: “evidence is so explosive that it could derail the nuclear deal with Iran”

9/11Further proof that we should have gone into Iran post 9/11. Why is the USG protecting our worst enemies? We are betrayed at the highest levels — it’s astonishing. Iran has been at war with the us since its Islamic takeover in 1979. “What Congress should demand is to see all the UBL [Osama bin […]READ MORE

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Texas Congressman introduces bill to suspend Refugee Resettlement Program

refugees welcomeThis legislation should be supported by every freedom-loving American. Obama has been importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims under the Refugee Resettlement Program. Despite the spike in jihad plots and attacks in the US and the genocide of non-Muslims under sharia, Obama remains unmoved. Under Obama, it’s a world where arrogance rules. It’s always a […]READ MORE

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UK: Muslim schools accused of “anti-Christian chanting”

UK school-405x250That’s not “anti-Christian chanting,” that’s Islamic prayer. The Brits have laid down, surrendered without so much as a shot fired. After little was done after the blockbuster revelations came about “Operation Trojan Horse,” did anyone think that the Brits would do anything except flap their fleshy tongues? “Operation Trojan Horse,” an Islamic conspiracy to take […]READ MORE

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