Various from the religion of peace 8/3/2015_01

Muslim Persecution of Christians: June, 2015 (Raymond Ibrahim)
Christians burn while the pope worries about capitalism.

Genocide in West Papua (Muslim Issue)
There is a small island where 15% of the natives have been slaughtered by Muslim occupiers.

Turkey’s Jihad on Non-Muslim Worship (Gatestone)
“With each church, synagogue, cem house, Buddhist temple or other non-Muslim place of worship they destroy, attack or ban, they destroy their own identity, value and worth.”

ISIS in India (Gatestone)
“Despite the propaganda onslaught by ISIS, Indian authorities have apparently not yet grasped the true nature of the conflict between ISIS and India that is unfolding before their eyes.”

The Expulsion of Baghdad’s Jews (Jerusalem Post)
Muslim supremacists give us a window into which direction a society trends after kicking out Jews.

Jewish Athletes Warned to Hide Identities in Germany…
Temple Mount Sermon: ‘Jews Pay Doctors to Spread Disease’…
Saudi Female Playwrights Excluded from Competition…
Jirga Orders 10-Year-Old Girl Swapped to Settle Dispute…
Muslim Immigration to Poland: Already Up to 200 ‘Extremists’…
Obama’s Moderates Cost $10 Million Each, Meeting Sad Fate…
NY Man Pledges Loyalty to ISIS as Muslims Talk ‘Islamophobia’…
‘Refugee’: ‘Mentally Abused’ by Immigration Process…
Hamas Calls for Suicide Bombers
France Threatens to Open Floodgate of ‘Migrants’ to UK…
Germany Swamped with 300,000 ‘Refugees’ in Six Months…
Groom Sues Bride for ‘Cheating’ Him with Make-Up…
Family Abducted to Caliphate: Woman Raped, Kids Poisoned…
Brotherhood Member Ties Suicide Belt to Wife…

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