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Muslims Hack to Death Secular Writer/Blogger in Bangladesh

niloy-neel-351x185Such news always comes with the attendant “religion of peace” propaganda or the nonsensical, “it’s a cultural thing”. When, in fact the culture is Islamic and the unspeakable violence against violating Islam’s blasphemy laws (do not criticize Islam) is keenly felt everywhere. Not only are violators targeted (like the bloody assassination attempt against us in […]READ MORE

Satellite images show Iran scrubbing contested nuclear facility

Iran ObamaIran is already cheating, and who does Obama attack? Americans, and in particular Jews, who oppose mullahs with nukes who continuously call for “death to America.” On Wednesday, President Obama attacked critics of his Iran nuclear pact as “selling a fantasy” to the American people, warning Congress that blocking the accord would damage the nation’s […]READ MORE

Kerry casts doubt on Iran’s desire to annihilate Israel

Israel should be wiped out IranUS Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday expressed doubt that Iran really wants to annihilate Israel, arguing that while Tehran has “a fundamental ideological confrontation” with the Jewish state, it has not implemented “active steps” to “wipe it off the map.” That’s what it’s doing now, with this deal that you facilitated, you fool. […]READ MORE

Muslim World ‘Laughing’ at Pentagon Over Failure of Moderate Syrian Rebel Force

isis-syrian-rebelsIt’s not just the Muslim world that’s laughing at us — the whole world is. CNN reported this evening that the New Syrian Force had been completely destroyed. This is the catastrophic failure of Obama’s $500 million U.S. “train and equip” program. Notice how the media never talks about Obama’s “moderate Muslim” training program? Obama’s […]READ MORE

US officials: Russia Hacked Pentagon, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Shutdown Email for past 11 Days

1599px-The_Pentagon_January_2008Obama’s DoD. America is hitting $20 million in debt — what is this lowlife spending our hard-earned dollars on, anyway? A Russian cyberattack around July 25 against the Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs of Staff’s email has resulted in the mail system being offline for almost two weeks, US officials told NBC….. more The attack affected around […]READ MORE

The First Republican Debate: The Winners and the Losers

150804161246-fox-2016-debate-stage-lead-bash-dnt-exlarge-169If you followed me on twitter, you already know my take. The biggest winners were first Ted Cruz (who was brilliant), then Ben Carson (surprisingly good), and Marco Rubio (very presidential). The biggest loser was Donald Trump, who came off as a mean, angry buffoon. I will say this: after tonight’s debate I have — […]READ MORE

Former Spanish Prime Minister Aznar Says Western Confrontation With Iran Inevitable

iran laughingFormer Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar is and has always been clear, rational and right, especially on jihad. What he says here is a stunning indictment of Obama’s Iran nuclear pact. “Former Spanish Prime Minister Aznar Says Western Confrontation With Iran Inevitable,” Algemeiner, August 6, 2015 A Western confrontation with Iran is inevitable with or […]READ MORE

The Republican Presidential Candidates on Jihad: Live-tweeting at 9 pm

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 3.32.32 PMThe second-tier candidates were given an hour today from 5 to 6 eastern time. I will be live-tweeting the top tier at 9 pm Eastern. I am live-tweeting those debates now — follow here. Follow @PamelaGeller 5-6 p.m. ET – Republican Presidential Candidates Debate (bottom seven candidates), live from Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland 8:50-11 […]READ MORE

ISIS Therapy: Obama Gets Serious About ISIS Savagery, Sends Terrorists to Shrinks

foley-beheadingMore psychobabble from our psychopath-in-chief. “Obama Gets Serious About ISIS, Sends Terrorists to Therapist,” By Daniel Greenfield, August 5, 2015 Finally Obama is cracking down on ISIS. No more Mr. Nice Appeaser. You plot to behead Americans. You go right to the therapist’s office. The FBI is now referring some potential terror suspects for psychological […]READ MORE

ISIS or Al Qaeda? American Officials Split Over Top Terror Threat – what’s the difference?

isis flagThe F.B.I., the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security are concerned more about the rising risk from the Islamic State, while the Pentagon, intelligence agencies and the National Counterterrorism Center, which focus more on threats abroad, are more anxious about Qaeda operatives overseas. More Ishkabibble Ishkabobble coming out of the islamophiliac Obama administration. […]READ MORE

Heads Up: Live-Tweeting Republican Presidential Debate Tonight

2016-ElectionI will be live-tweeting tonight’s Presidential debate — if you don’t follow me on Twitter, follow me here, now. Don’t miss it. It’s informed analysis and humor you won’t get anywhere else — and it’s in real time. FOX NEWS: Fox News has announced the line-up for the prime-time Republican presidential debate this Thursday, and […]READ MORE

Christian Attacked by Muslims at the Temple Mount after Waving Israeli Flag

The respect and submission that devout Muslims demand (on pain of death) for their savage and inhumane ideology are diametrically opposed to their hatred and supremacism over all other religions. Of course, they see no contradiction in this. Reason in Islam is strictly prohibited. Islamic groups pay Muslims to harass and attack Jews going to […]READ MORE

Islamic Republic of Iran regime sentences man to have eyes gouged out

File photoObama says, “give ’em nukes” (not eyes). On a side note, why does President Obama insist the Islamic State is “not Islamic,” but always deferentially calls Iran the “Islamic Republic of Iran”? Both are brutal, savage, sharia enforcers under Islam. “Iran regime sentences man to have eyes gouged out,” 05 August 2015 NCRI – The mullahs’ […]READ MORE

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