Various from Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs 8/8/2015

Obama administration accused of stonewalling in suit over downing of SEAL Team 6 chopper

navy-seals3The way Obama is treating these families is gutwrenching, and something we, as a great and free people, ought never to see coming from our government. This is what surrender looks like, America. Don’t like what you see? Get used to it. Obama still has a lot more of this in store for us. Unless […]READ MORE

Pet Sounds on an open thread

pet-soundsI thought tonight’s Friday night open thread ought to celebrate the return of America in light of last night’s Republican debate. Great American music. Ebullient, excited, reflective — original. Pet Sounds, Brian Wilson. “Wilson’s meticulously complex and bizarre arrangements elevated the three-minute radio tune to art.” Brian Wilson was just 23 years old when he […]READ MORE

“Moderate” Indonesia denies visa to Jewish badminton player

badminton interior 580Will the islamophobia never end? In Jakarta in moderate Indonesia, the government has yet to grant a visa to an Israeli Badminton player, despite repeated requests on his part, in a move that would effectively bar him from competing in the World Badminton Championships. In Jakarta, where Obama grew up. Is it any wonder that […]READ MORE

4 dead, 6 kidnapped after jihadis attack hotels in Mali, battle still raging, hostages taken

Deaths-hostage-reported-in-Mali-hotel-attackObama says, climate change presents the greatest threat to mankind. “4 dead, 6 kidnapped after Islamic extremists attack hotels in Mali,” August 07, 2015, Associated Press (thanks to Patrick): BAMAKO, Mali – Jihadists stormed two hotels in central Mali on Friday, seizing at least six hostages and killing three Malian soldiers and a U.N. peacekeeper […]READ MORE

Norway: Muslims riot at asylum centers, 12 arrested, mob stones police

978xMore of the benefits of Muslim immigration. Young Muslim immigrants fought at an asylum center, because the police wanted to relocate one of the migrants living at the reception center. Google translate here: “12 indicted for rebellion at asylum centers,” By David Bach, Camilla Huuse and Irene Rønold,, August 8, 2015 (thanks to drittleidere): […]READ MORE

ISIS kidnaps Christians at church, storm town, take hundreds hostage

isis-obama-shhhhhhISIS stormed a town in the central Syrian province of Homs and took at least 230 people hostage, including dozens of Christians who were attending church. Obama says, the Islamic State is not Islamic. The Islamic State says, “Know, oh Obama, that we will reach America. Know also that we will cut off your head […]READ MORE

Italy: Muslim Immigrants Gang-Rape, Beat Head of Reception Center, Destroy Facility, Attack Care Workers (Translated)

C_4_articolo_2125808_upiImageppIn Fiuggi, one hour south of Rome, a Muslim “migrant” youth gang-raped and tried to kill the head of the facility. They tore up and destroyed the migrant “Welcome” facility and beat up other care workers — the people who had cared for them over the past six months. It’s a cultural thing, and we […]READ MORE

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