Various from the religion of peace 8/8/2015_01

Picture of the Week


(It’s not just an Obama problem. Most Western
leaders seem to play dumb on Islamic terror.)

Hey Pope, Stop Talking and Start Walking – to Raqqa (PJ Media)
The pope says that Islam is a peaceful religion and that dialog is more powerful than violence. Why not put it to the test?

Do Lives Matter in Africa and the Middle East? (FrontPage)
“There is scarcely a peep from [African-American and feminist activists] when it comes to the unrelenting brutality suffered by women and black Africans in places under the thumb of the Islamic State.”

Killing Jewish Children for Allah? (Jerusalem Post)
The test of a society’s morality is how it responds to murderers and acts of terror.

The Islamic State’s Evil Genius (Irish Times)
Medieval executions and slavery mix with Hollywood-worthy propaganda to entice Muslim purists.

Saudi Women Blamed for ‘Provo-king’ Their Own Harassment…
Caliph Gives Children Lessons in Prayer and Beheading…
Traffickers Slash and Doom Africans Based on Ethnicity…
Fatwa: ‘Major Sin’ to Keep a Clean Shave…
Police Denied Protection to Slain Blogger…
Jordan Schools and Mosques Promote Holy War and Hate…
al-Qaeda Blows Up 700-Year-Old Mosque in Yemen…
Iran Denies Medical Treatment to Jailed Rights Activist…
Virginia Man: ‘We Have to Start Putting Them in Body Bags’…
Bangladeshi Police Refuse to Arrest Rapist of Christian Child
India: Muslims Raise ISIS Flags Right After Prayer…
Afghanistan’s First Female Pilot Gets Death Threat from Taliban – and Family…
UC Berkeley Students Support Chattanooga Shooting…
UFO Hope Spoiled in Turkey…

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