Various from the religion of peace 8/13/2015_01

Picture of the Week

Niloy Chatterjee, a true man
Insecurity is one reason faithful Muslims hack
proponents of science and secularism to death while
“peace-loving” Muslims never seem to get too upset about it.

Netanyahu as Churchill (Gatestone)
Israel has a far greater stake in the Iran deal than most of the countries that negotiated it.

‘Refugee Children’ Invading Sweden (Glazov)
(Video) They’re neither true refugees nor, in some cases, actual children, yet these are the people on whom Sweden is betting its future.

Christian Shot and Beaten for Helping Harassed Women…
Mississippi Terrorist is Son of Immigrant Imam…
ISIS Apparel Sold in Spain…
Girl, 15: ‘Every Time He Came to Rape Me, He Would Pray’…
Michael Jackson’s Sister: Islam Almost Led to Suicide…
Statues of Stoned Women Placed by Prague Protesters…
US Professor Says Geller et al are ‘Dirty Jews’…
Hamas: Fatah are ‘Enemies of Allah’…
ISIS Songs Urge Jihad for the Sake of Allah…
Muslim Board Defends Instant Divorce (92% of Women Oppose)
Israel Restricts Soldiers from Shooting Terrorists…
Australians Put on Islamic State Hit List…
Caliphate Brutality Shocks the Taliban…
Clothing Store Pulls Tasteless Shirt Mocking Hebdo Sympathies

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