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Horrific moment ISIS throw two men off a roof for being gay – before they are stoned by baying mob including children

gay man thrown from roofIt is terrifying for gay people to live in a Muslim country that is under the sharia or even respectful of sharia law. What is so egregious is that openly gay men in the West like Anderson Cooper loudly and repeatedly condemn me for my counter jihad work and opposition to sharia. And he is […]READ MORE

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Summertime on an open thread

“Summertime” is an aria composed in 1934 by George Gershwin for the 1935 opera Porgy and Bess. The lyrics are by DuBose Heyward, the author of the novel Porgy, on which the opera was based, although the song is also co-credited to Ira Gershwin. “Without doubt … one of the finest songs the composer ever […]READ MORE

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Sweden Protecting Muslim Asylum Seekers After One Allegedly Beheads Victim Inside IKEA, IKEA responds by stopping knife sales

ikea knivewsHow to stop beheadings by Muslim immigrants? Stop selling knives, of course. And the Swedish government responded by beefing up security at all of the government-provided asylum housing. Obama is working fiercely to repeat the monumental Muslim immigration mistakes of Europe. Support Rep. Brian Babin’s legislation, Resettlement Accountability National Security Act, H.R. 3314, which would […]READ MORE

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ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Repeatedly Raped American Hostage Kayla Mueller, Officials Say

Kayla Mueller 2Obama has done nothing to stave off the rise of the global jihad. Obama should be impeached on the grounds of depraved indifference. ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Sexually Abused American Hostage Kayla Mueller, Officials Say By James Gordon Meek, ABC News, WASHINGTON, D.C. — Aug 14, 2015 Mueller’s family confirmed to ABC News that […]READ MORE

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Bin Laden’s Son calls for Attacks on Jewish American Targets, Washington, London, Paris and Tel Aviv

9/11The more Obama retreats, the bolder and more brazen Muslim leaders become. Americans with half a brain know what’s coming. And it’s brutal. “US Jewish institutions on alert after call for attacks from bin Laden’s son,” Jerusalem Post, August 13, 2015 The national Jewish community’s security arm asked Jewish institutions to be on the alert […]READ MORE

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Muslim Refugee Convicted of Islamic Terrorism Charges in US

Kurbanov_mugshot_0-640x480Obama is bringing Muslim refugees into this country by the hundreds of thousands in his unceasing pursuit of the destruction of America. “Uzbek Refugee Convicted of Terrorism Conspiracy Charge in US,” Associated Press, BOISE, Idaho — Aug 12, 2015 A federal jury in Idaho has convicted an Uzbek refugee of three terrorism-related charges after prosecutors […]READ MORE

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Mosqueing the Airport: Orlando Airport To Open $250,000 Mosque Room

dirhamWe don’t see airports opening churches or synagogues. Airports generally have nondenominational prayer rooms for everyone. But the supremacism inherent in Islam dictates that non-Muslims cannot pray in mosques (non-Muslims can enter a mosque for proselytizing), hence their own special mosque room at Orlando Airport. Equality for all is a Western dictate that Islamic supremacists […]READ MORE

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