Various from the religion of peace 8/19/2015_01

Picture of the Week

A child recounts Religion of Peace handiwork in Nigeria.

The Truth about Muhammad (Daniel Greenfield)
“If Kayla Mueller had known the truth about Mohammed, she might never have gone to Syria. If more mothers and fathers in the UK had known the truth about Mohammed, they might have been better able to protect their daughters.”

Saudi Arabia: The World’s Biggest Hypocrite (Raymond Ibrahim)
The country that does not allow a single non-Muslim house of worship is lecturing the world on tolerance?

What are the Palestinians Doing with US Money? (Gatestone)
“One does not have to be an expert on Palestinian affairs to see that the billions of dollars have neither created democracy for the Palestinians nor boosted the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. “

Why Western Muslims Leave the Good Life (Jerusalem Post)
While the demographic conquest of Europe takes place in slow motion, some Muslims are falling back old fashioned Jihad elsewhere.

When Black Lives Don’t Matter (FrontPage Magazine)
Slightly off-topic, perhaps. Has Obama also changed his mind on the genocide of Africans at the hand of a Muslim war criminal?

82-Year-Old Archaeologist Beheaded…
Facebook Steps in to Protect ISIS from Ridicule…
Belgian Police Hope to Stop Terrorists with Paintball Guns…
Accused Child Molester Still Leading Prayer at U.S. Mosque
17-Year-Old Girl ‘Honor’ Beheaded by Brothers…
Choudary Promoted List of UK ‘Freebies’ for Muslim Takeover
Council Orders Leg Broken & Women Chained over Affair…
Hamas Catches Dolphin ‘Spying for Israel’…
Chicago: Jailhouse Attack over Muhammad Cartoon…
Iranians Recall 1988 Massacre of 30,000 Political Prisoners…
Bangkok Bombing May Have Ties to Iran…
Germany Expects 750,000 ‘Migrants’ in 2015…
Iranian Video Pushes Fantasy of Fall of Jerusalem…
‘Paint Bombs’ Latest Tactic to Cause Carnage in Israel…
Religion of Peace Fears Nix ‘Draw Muhammad’ in London…
AUS Police Hid Muslim Identity of Brutal Gang Rapists…
Inmate Brags of ‘Living the Good Life’ at UK Jail…
150 Dead as Boko Haram Drive Villagers into River…

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