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Muslim punches American Jewish woman on Temple Mount

Muslim-women-who-harassed-Jewish-visitors-to-Temple-Mount-Tues-Aug-18-2015Watch the video — hear the Muslim mob on the Temple Mount screaming “Allahu akbar” as they menace and physically attack Jews. The respect and submission that devout Muslims demand (on pain of death) for their savage and inhumane ideology is diametrically opposed to their hatred and supremacism over all other religions. Of course, they […]READ MORE

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ISIS Bombs Cairo Courthouse

8202015isiscairocarbombingObama’s “JV” team moves further into Egypt. And considering how hostile he is to President Sisi, a rare voice of reform in the Muslim world, it’s entirely possible that Obama secretly supports these savages. ISIS claimed responsibility for a car bomb attack that wounded at least 29 people in Cairo early Thursday, saying it was […]READ MORE

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US Army kicking out decorated Green Beret who stood up for Afghan rape victim

obama girlieThis is Obama’s Department of Defense. First off, Obama is not fit to wipe this man’s boots. Secondly, in Obama’s depraved world, he identifies with the Afghan, not the American soldier. This is a travesty — a grotesque miscarriage of justice. Read the whole thing. We are under siege. Army kicking out decorated Green Beret […]READ MORE

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ISIS Publicly Whips 20 Women for Not Veiling Eyes

And yet American Muslim women in the US with platforms like CNN that they could use to fight this Islamic misogyny instead provide cover for this savage ideology. They rail against “bigots” and tout these ridiculous claims, “I am an observant Muslim. And because I am a Muslim, I believe in pluralism. I believe in […]READ MORE

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Left-Wing Apologists’ Depraved Indifference to ISIS Sex Slaves and Why They Say We Shouldn’t Save Them

yazidi-women-isisAtlas readers know that I have been a vocal supporter of Steve Maman’s campaign to help sex slaves escape the savage inhumanity of their devout captors. I was interviewed by Vocativ, asking me why I supported saving these girls. Apparently, giving billions to the world’s biggest state sponsor of terror for nuclear weapons is “progressive,” […]READ MORE

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Obama ‘comfortable’ with Iran ‘self-inspecting’ suspect nuke site

Obama, the single most dangerous and powerful man in the world. And America. Obama trusts the world’s leading state sponsor of terror to inspect its own nuclear weapons sites. I predicted and warned of the evil that this man would do in my first book (here), back in 2009. Future historians will view the Obama […]READ MORE

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Pamela Geller on News Talk Radio: FBI want poster dubbed anti-Muslim advertisment

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 1.19.22 PMCheck out my interview with Jamie Allman on News Talk radio here: “Pamela Geller FBI want poster dubbed anti-Muslim advertisment” 97.1 News Talk Radio, August 20, 2015 On-Demand Audio Pamela Geller joins the program and shares a story about an FBI want ad poster that was ruled as anti-Mulism by federal courts in Seattle. How […]READ MORE

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Geller: I’m Getting Death Threats Daily — and the FBI Is Warning About… Me

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 8.29.41 PMEven Orwell is spinning in his grave — If Orwell were alive today, he would be demonized, marginalized and ridiculed. Geller: I’m Getting Death Threats Daily — and the FBI Is Warning About… Me By Pamela Geller, Breitbart News, August 19, 2015 The website Public Intelligence reported that “an intelligence bulletin issued by the FBI’s […]READ MORE

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