Various from the religion of peace 8/24/2015_01

Picture of the Week

The Caliph and the Captive
News that the Islam’s version of the pope raped
an American hostage several times surprised only those
unfamiliar with the Quran and life of Muhammad. No less
than four separate verses authorize Muslim men to rape
their female slaves (4:24, 23:5-6, 33:50 and 70:29-30).

Why would a book truly from God be overly redundant in permitting
rape, yet relatively reticent on matters of human compassion and love?

Inside Jihad (FrontPage Magazine)
A review of Tawfik Hamid’s book, Inside Jihad: How Radical Islam Works; Why it Should Terrify Us; How to Defeat It.

The Invasion of Europe and America (Pam Geller)
Jihad by immigration is making Western countries less livable. Doesn’t a government have a greater obligation to its own citizens?

Paris Train Jihadi ‘Dumbfounded’ (Robert Spencer)
An ISIS trained Muslim is taken down after whipping out an AK-47 and knife on a train – and he says it’s not terror? How long before CAIR condemns the beating of a Muslim by Americans?

IS: Murdering Its Way Back to the Garden of Eden (Globe and Mail)
Islamic purity means destruction and blood.

Will the White House ‘Normalize’ ISIS (NY Post)
The current administration has lent legitimacy to Hamas and the Taliban, as well as several repressive dictatorships. Could the caliph be next?

Married Man Stoned to Death for Adultery…
‘Refugees’ Weather Pork Scare
Famed Archeologist’s Body ‘Cut into Many Pieces’…
Hardliners Defame ‘Miss Italy’ Aspirant…
Twitter Account Mocks Militants with ‘ISIS Karaoke’…
Algerian in France Hacks Off Wife’s Hand and Feet…
Kaufman: CAIR Infiltrating Fort Lauderdale Police…
Caliph Destroys 2000-Year-Old Temple at Palmyra…
UK Islamist Preacher Found on Ashley Madison List…
More Charged with Insulting Erdogan than Ataturk…
‘Death to England’ Graffiti Mars Reopening of Tehran Embassy
Macedonia Overrun After Giving Up on Border Control…
Middle East Conflict ‘Good for the Environment’…
Saudi Arabia Accused of ‘Religious Eugenics’…
Paris Train Gunman Described as ‘Very Religious’…
Israeli Woman Shot in the Head at Water Park…

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