Various from the religion of peace 8/29/2015_01

Picture of the Week

Islam’s war on civilization claimed the life of Khaled al-Asaad,
a very dedicated 83-year-old archeologist who was beheaded
by the caliph for trying to protect antiquities from destruction.

Islam’s Most Useful Idiot (Answering Islam)
The former NBA great, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, once appeared in a beer commercial. If he didn’t know Islam’s rule against alcohol, then he probably isn’t the best resource on deeper topics.

A Convert to Judaism – and Israel (Molschky)
A Moroccan Muslim leaves Islam and discovers the truth about Israel.

Minnesota Terror Suspect Gets License to Drive School Bus…
Thief Quickly Beaten to Death after Taking Mosque Donations
Nine Gays Thrown from Rooftop in Single Day…
Detroit: Christians Refugees from Muslim Persecution Protest Proposed Mosque…
al-Qaeda Brings Sharia Floggings to Yemen…
Transgenders Banned from Arizona Mosque…
Thailand: Turkish Muslim Behind Deadly Blast at Hindu Shrine…
14-Year-Old Girl Raped at Mosque by Cleric, Aide…
Beheaders: ‘This is a Lesson to Girls Who Have Relationships’…
(UK) Photograph Investigated as ‘Hate Crime’…
Satellite Images Show Flattened World Heritage Site…
15 Christians Arrested over ‘Apostle’ Flier…
Man Fondles Girl in Basement of NYC Mosque…
Magic ‘Allah’ Egg Discovered in Iceland…
Qatar Air Rethinks Policy on Firing Pregnant Staff…

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