Various from the religion of peace 8/31/2015_01

Picture of the Week

Islam’s war on civilization claimed the life of Khaled al-Asaad,
a very dedicated 83-year-old archeologist who was beheaded
by the caliph for trying to protect antiquities from destruction.

Common Sense: How the Islamic World was Forged (FrontPage)
What made non-Muslims convert to Islam, leading to the creation of the Islamic world? It wasn’t conviction.

Germany’s Muslim Demographic Revolution (Gatestone)
The growth of Sharia, the advancement of Islam, and the never-ending flow of Muslim refugees means that Germany is well on its way to resembling a Middle Eastern country. The burning question is, “Why?”

CAIR Ordered to Cease Harass-ment, Compensate Victims…
British Converts to Christianity Persecuted by Muslims…
Nigerian Christians Weary of Fulani Massacres…
PLO Employees Get Paid Retire-ment at 50…
Caliph Ties Protesters to Street Light Poles…
Iranian National Goes Wild in Mississippi…
Imam Fired for Inserting ‘Facebook’ in Call to Prayer…
EU: Former Refugee Advocate Predicts ‘Armageddon’…

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