Various from Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs 9/9/2015

Various from Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs 9/9/2015


GRADE SCHOOL GIRLS in Germany Ordered to Cover Up – So As Not to Incite Muslim Refugees

Let’s review: American schools under Common Core are teaching our children the shahada (the Muslim declaration of faith inscribed on the black flag of jihad). Schools in Europe will stop serving pork in schools to avoid offending Muslims. Magazine editors in Europe are murdered in cold blood because they ran cartoons of Muhammad. An event […]READ MORE

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Bishop: ‘Pope Francis Is Wrong, Muslim mass immigration to Europe is an Invasion’

Islamic-state-migrants-Europe-571810While the genocide of Christians by Islamic supremacists unfolds in the Middle East, the Pope is shilling for their annihilationists. He has not just abandoned his flock, but betrayed them. This isn’t kindness, it’s suicide. Pope Francis is wrong on the migrant crisis and the wave of Muslim migrants currently sweeping Europe actually represents an […]READ MORE

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Greece: Mayor Pleads for Help After Muslim ‘Migrant’ Ferry Riot

150908-world-lesbos-waiting-ferry-430a-jpg-0421_8a987bd1401e453fd27c701fa0801d26.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000“I don’t need one ship, I need a fleet,” said the Mayor of Greek Island. Greece and the U.N. refugee agency are sending extra ships and additional staff to the island of Lesbos, after Muslim refugees erupted and rioted overnight on Monday. These are not refugees from “war torn” regions. Look at the crowds — […]READ MORE

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France says taking all refugees would be victory for ISIS

migrants-hungary-austria-germany“It’s very difficult, but if all these refugees come to Europe or elsewhere, then Daesh has won the game,” said French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. And indeed it would. This is immigration jihad. Worse still, Obama is considering bringing thousands of these “migrants” here, adding to the already growing army of ISIS recruits in America. […]READ MORE

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