Various from the religion of peace 9/10/2015_01

Picture of the Week

What’s cooking in the caliphate?

Mullah-Backed Movie Propaganda (FrontPage)
Projecting a peaceful rendition of Muhammad’s life requires a great deal of fabrication. Terror-supporting Iran is certainly adequate to the task.

Germany’s Appeasement of Radical Islam (Gatestone)
“These courageous dissident Muslim men and women are left to face threats and intimidation on their own, while the government is busy appeasing the self-proclaimed leaders of the faith.”

Life in the Shadow of Islam (INN)
Thinking of bringing in more Islam? Better read the fine print first.

How Radical Islam Works (Jewish Voice)
“The same methods that were used in Egypt are now being used in the West. The more we surrender, the more Islamists will demand.”

Refugees from Muslim Wars: Not Our Problem (Town Hall)
Importing problems for Americans is not the job of leaders.

The Migrant Conquest of Europe (Spectator)
“As things are going, this cannot end well. Most of Europe’s political class refuses to think clearly in behalf of its security and self-interest.”

al-Qaeda: Drowned Boy Deserved Fate for Fleeing Muslim Land…
Female Cartoonist Facing More Prison Time for Shaking Male Lawyer’s Hand…
Saudi ‘Help’ for Refugees: 200 News Mosques in Germany…
al-Qaeda Urges Attacks on US Entrepreneurs, Workplaces…
Entire Syrian Province Becomes Mideast Base for al-Qaeda…
France Tries to Woo Back Jews?
(Canada) Muslim Cop Called ‘Apostate’ by Teen Terrorist: ‘I Know Islam Better Than You’…
Teen Killed When Indonesia Cops Open Fire on Church Meeting…
Only 1 in 5 Americans Support Iran Nuke Deal…
Trump Flip-Flops on Muslim Immigration…
Jolie: Caliph Selling 13-Year-Old Sex Slaves for $30…
1D’s Zayn Malik: Former ‘Proud’ Muslim Continues Skid…
Islamic Republic of Sudan Burned Civilians Alive…
Syrian Migrants to EU Shout: ‘Allah Give Victory to Islam!’…
German Newspapers Print Arabic Welcome Guides…
Iran’s Supreme Leader: Israel to Be Destroyed Within 25 Years…
Take That Israel! US Democrats Clinch Iran Nuclear Deal…
127 Iraqi Children Kidnapped by Islamic State…
Caliph Ripped Out Fingernails of Female American…

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