Various from Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs 9/12/2015


9/11: Storm Strikes Mecca Mega Mosque, Over 100 Dead

lightening over minaOn 9/11. Photo above: Lightning flashes over Mina, a neighborhood of Mecca. “Death Toll in Mecca Crane Crash Up to 107,” Mary Chastain, September 12, 2015 A crane collapsed on the Grand Mosque in Mecca on Friday, killing at least 107 people who were visiting on their annual pilgrimage. 154 are believed to have been […]READ MORE

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Obama Staffers Party, Smoke Cuban Cigars on Anniversary of Benghazi, 9/11 Terror Attacks

obama sniffing cigar_thumb[6]Notoriously callous and cold-blooded, nothing this morally depraved administration does surprises us anymore. I am ashamed for my country. “Obama Staffers Party, Smoke Cuban Cigars on the Anniversary of Benghazi, 9/11 Terror Attacks,” by Patrick Howley, Breitbart, 11 Sep 2015: WASHINGTON – Top Obama administration and White House officials partied away on the night of […]READ MORE

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9/11 open thread

911 6“Agnus Dei” by The Choir Of Trinity College, Cambridge A compilation of images from and around 9/11/01, set to Barber’s Agnus DeiREAD MORE

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Devout Muslims on Twitter: #Happy911 #HappyDeathtoAmericaDay

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 2.47.49 PM14 years after 9/11 ….. the “war on terror” is a catastrophe — an abject failure. The Obama administration’s policy of demanding that we respect the ideology behind this savagery, coupled with the media, academia’s and cultural adherence to sharia (Islamic law’s prohibition on criticism of Islam or Muhammad), we have unleashed a monster. More […]READ MORE

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Muslim migrants living in Buchenwald memorial site

This is sickening. Those barracks are a memorial — the memory of the dead is sacred. Hallowed ground. It’s like the Ground Zero mosque. Why don’t they house them at the Louvre? Adherents to a viciously anti-Semitic ideology housed at Buchenwald. It makes your skin crawl. The burden on the average German is enormous. Here […]READ MORE

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