Various from the religion of peace 9/14/2015_01

Picture of the Week

Lightning strikes a crane on the anniversary of 9/11
and collapses it directly into Islam’s holiest site.

America: Muslim ‘Refugees’ and Terror (Daniel Greenfield)
How many American lives are an acceptable loss?

Refugee Influx is Muslim Colonization (Canada Free Press)
“Rather than traveling overland to the wealthy Muslim nations that could more easily house and feed their brothers, they brave the high seas with nothing more than the clothes on their back and the latest generation smart phones.”

10 Shocking Acts of Sexual Terror in the Caliphate (India TV)
What’s life under Islamic law like? Pretty good if you’re a misogynistic Muslim male.

ISIS in Minnesota (American Thinker)
Injecting 30,000 Somali Muslims into one of the most livable metropolitan areas in America has created “challenges.”

How to Handle Muslim Immigration? (Gatestone)
“Members of a culture that murders intellectuals who try to present ideas to improve their societies do not have the moral right to blame its backwardness and bloodthirsty culture on the West.”

Caliphate Growing (American Thinker)
“The Middle East is a volatile region because of Islam, not in spite of it.” Only now, Muslims can flee the hell they’ve created to begin the cycle anew in Europe.

65-Year-Old Woman Lashed for ‘Witchcraft’…
Father Burned Alive as Kids Made to Watch…
Turkish Leaders ‘Dream’ of Hagia Sophia as a Mosque…
(AUS) FGM Victim Describes ‘Little Cut Down There’…
ISIS Publishes Second List of American Military Personnel…
India Shrine Bans Women…
Cricketer Suspended for Beating Child Maid…
al-Qaeda: True Muslims Hate Christians, Jews and America’…
Sojourners Accused of Twisting Bible for Muslim Immigration…
British Surgeon Helps Child Shot by the Taliban Walk Again…
Imam ‘Congratulates’ Those Killed by Crane Collapse…

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