Various from the religion of peace 9/17/2015_01

Picture of the Week

Which ones will assimilate?
Which ones will radicalize?
Let’s find out together!

Fantasy Islam (FrontPage Magazine)
The taqiyya always sounds nice, but it doesn’t stand up to solid evidence.

Why Do Muslims Flock to the Evil West? (Gatestone)
Reality trumps rhetoric when millions of Muslims try, through dangerous ways, to reach the borders of a civilization they historically blame for all the world’s evils.

How the Hijab Makes Sexual Harassment Worse (Guardian)
“Islamic dress laws have failed to protect Iranian women who suffer constant unwanted attention with the tacit approval of all, including the authorities who are supposed to protect them.”

Why Western Nations Should Prefer Christian Refugees (Ibrahim)
Helping true victims of persecution, easy assimilation, and a net benefit to society are practical reasons for preferring Christian refugees to Muslim.

‘I am Racist, But It is Racism Based on Islam’…
Hungary: 1500 Rioters Crash Fence, Yelling ‘Allah Akbar’…
Pal. Boy Wants to Be Engineer So He ‘Can Blow Up Jews’…
Tenn. Pastor to Kids: Take an ‘F’ to Protest Islamic Indoctrination
Mistreated Texas Teen Becomes Overnight Celebrity; CAIR Looks to Capitalize…
Refugees Eat Poisoned Mushrooms That Resemble Edibles in Syria…
Ex-Stasi Agent Hired to Censor Immigration Dissent…
Danish Teen Embraces Islam, Stabs Mother to Death…
Pal. Auth. Promotes Rock Throwing, ‘Self-Sacrifice’…
Photographer: Corbyn with Hezbollah Flag a ‘Coincidence’…

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