Various from the religion of peace 9/21/2015_01

Picture of the Week

‘Migrants’ passing through Greece
Muslims pray in one direction – prefer to live in the other.

Saudi Arabia: World’s Human Rights Sewer (Gatestone)
“Not only are the Saudi authorities preparing to crucify someone – in 2015 – whom they tortured into making a confession; they are preparing to crucify someone who was a minor at the time of arrest.”

Loonwatch: Loons, Liars and Sociopaths (American Thinker)
No one knows who is behind the well-funded website, Loonwatch. Why is that?

CAIR Targets Ben Carson (Robert Spencer)
Given CAIR’s dismal reputation, this is probably a boost for the American presidential candidate.

Follow Hungary’s Lead (Raymond Ibrahim)
Hungary has had a taste of Islam in the past and wants no more of it.

The State of Free Speech in Europe, 2015 (Gates of Vienna)
“The reality is that a global battle for free speech is now underway, and Western leaders and media are on the side of its enemy.”

Germany Wants to Be ‘Miss Congeniality’ (Gatestone)
. . . While the EU picks up the tab.

Hillary Calls for 65,000 More Syrians…
‘Free Young Blonde Girls’ Advertised to ‘Migrants’…
MI5: Spies in Mosques Will Avert Terror Attacks…
Sweden: ‘Refugees’ Loot Train, Threaten Staff…
Militants Torch Piano: ‘Music is Haram’…
Garfunkel: Muslims Supplanting Not Enhancing Europe…
[Pro-Sharia] CAIR Calls for Carson’s Withdrawal…
Slain Hikers Memorial Defaced by ‘Fatah’ Graffiti…
Video Catches Brutal Saudi Beating of Indian Worker…
UK Model Found Hanged After Forced Marriage Fears…
French ISIS Returns with Orders to Bomb Concert…
Turkish Pilot Instructor Focuses on Porn Instead…
Baghdad Vicar: Europe ‘Taking the Wrong People’…
‘Mohammed’ Rapes Vulnerable Women ‘Like Animal’ in Home…
Mosque Engineer Smacks Around Staff…
Americans: No Obligation to Accept Syrians…
Germans Torch Asylum Center to Keep ‘Refugees’ Away…
Taliban Poison 300 Schoolgirls
Iraqi Soldiers Abandon ISIS Fight for Life in Europe…
Fantasy Football Declared Haram…
Muslim Council Bans Girls from Jeans, Cell Phones…

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