Various from the religion of peace 9/24/2015_01

Picture of the Week

After Ben Carson said that Islam is incompatible with
the US Constitution, a CAIR spokesperson said that
he can’t think of a more “anti-American statement.
We can.

Secularists vs. Islamists (BBC)
Meet three people targeted for being ‘atheists’, and a Muslim leader condemning their beliefs.

Qasim Rashid on Ben Carson (Jihad Watch)
The Muslim media darling’s narrative always falls apart under actual analysis.

Throwing Christians to the Lions (Raymond Ibrahim)
Obama is deporting genuine asylum seekers who are Christian while opening the gates to Muslims.

Sweden’s Perfect Storm (FrontPage Magazine)
Why would a country with rising unemployment and budgetary issues take jobless migrants who arrive mainly to milk the system?

Christians Tortured in Churches to Force Them to Convert…
‘Asylum Seekers’ Turn Down ‘Refuge’ in Non-German Europe
Iran Ramps Up Funding to Hamas and Hezbollah Following Deal…
453 Pilgrims Crushed by Each Other in Haj Stampede…
al-Aqsa Imam: ‘Refugees’ Will Help Spread Caliphate…
Maher: Drop Clock Kid for a Real Hero – Saudi al-Nimr…
Woman Executed for Using ‘WhatsApp’ on Phone…
Sweden Raids Aid Budget to Africa for Immigration Needs…
Merkel Holds EU Reform Hostage to Britain Taking More ‘Migrants
Eastern Europe Stands Up to EU’s Mandatory Quotas…
Slovakia Sues EU for Forcing Refugees on Unwilling Members…
Canada Sentences Two for Plot to Derail Passenger Train…
Pentagon Spends $500 Million Training ‘4 or 5’ Fighters…
‘Brain Drain’: EU’s Open Borders Hurt Those Left Behind…
Toronto Cabbie Loses It – Runs Over Skateboarder…
UK Enrichment Update: Rapist Assaults Two Teens at Once…
Britain Sees 1000 FGMs in Just 3 Months…
142 Take-Away Customers Ill After Staff Fails to Wash Hands…
Islamists Publish Hit List of Secular Bloggers, Writers…

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