Various from the religion of peace 9/26/2015_01

Picture of the Week

After Ben Carson said that Islam is incompatible with
the US Constitution, a CAIR spokesperson said that
he can’t think of a more “anti-American statement.
We can.

ISIS Women: The Next Generation of Jihad (IBT Times)
Traditional roles of women in Islam include homemaker and sex slave. The caliph says why not also use them as killing machines?

Why Third Word Immigration Makes No Sense (10 News)
(Video) Slightly off-topic. A common-sense look at global poverty and how importing a million ‘poor’ people a year actually hurts those left behind. Helping people where they live is the most effective humanitarian solution.

Islam in Sweden: August, 2015 (Gatestone)
The Church of Sweden is actually considering changing its doctrine to accommdate Muslims. The joke’s on them, because Muslims have no intention of accommodating the church.

German Woman Evicted to Make Way for ‘Refugees’…
Pope ‘Interfaith’ Service Features CAIR Extremist…
German Mood Sours as ‘Migrant’ Gangs Stalk Local Women…
4 More California Women Accuse Saudi Prince of Sex Crimes…
US State Department ‘Welcomes’ Saudi Oversight of UN HR Panel…
Ground Zero Mosque Plan Officially Scrapped…
Mahr: ‘Clock Boy’ Didn’t Invent Anything…
Bulgaria’s Orthodox Church Warns of Muslim Invasion…
Dutch Hospital Builds Special Prayer Room for Muslims…
Saudi Prince Convoy May Have Started Deadly Stampede…
University Bans Atheist Ex-Muslim from Speaking…
Europe Getting 8000 ‘Refugees’ Each Day…
Merkel’s Popularity Declines…

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