Various from the religion of peace 9/27/2015_01

Picture of the Week

Women wait their turn to be whipped for having unmarried sex in
Indonesia’s Sharia province. Americans who think Islam is compatible with their Constitution probably don’t know either one very well.

Germany: Migrants In, Germans Out (Gatestone)
Germany is evicting residents and forcing taxpayers to make “colossal economic sacrifices” to accommodate ‘migrants’ who will wind up being a perpetual source of social strain and burden.

Ben Carson is Right (National Review)
“The unique demands of the nation’s highest office conflict with orthodox Islamic teaching.” What a person chooses to belief IS fair game and should be taken into consideration by voters.

30000 Foreign Muslims Have Flocked to ISIS in Iraq…
‘Clock Boy’ Plays Race Card to Foreign Audience…
French Airstrike ‘on ISIS’ All for Show…
Haj Toll Rises to 769, Muslims Debate ‘Will of Allah’…
Muslim Secularists, Majority of Voters Agree with Carson…
Teens Arrested for Arson at UK’s Largest Mosque…
Hindu Defied Threats, Earned Respect of Muslim Neighbors…
Saudis Bulldoze Dead Pilgrims into Piles Like Garbage…
Hospital Moves Injured RAF to Avoid Offending Muslims…
Sweden Forces Local Authorities to Accept ‘Refugees’…
London Art Exhibit Removes Anti-ISIS Work…

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