Various from the religion of peace 9/28/2015_01

Picture of the Week

Women wait their turn to be whipped for having unmarried sex in
Indonesia’s Sharia province. Americans who think Islam is compatible with their Constitution probably don’t know either one very well.

Time to Ditch Terms Like ‘Islamophobia’ (PJ Media)
(Video) ‘Islamophobia’ is an ‘anti-concept’ meant to silence critics and destroy the ability to think.

Lies about Lies (Gatestone)
“Dr. Ben Carson got it right when he said that taqiyya ‘allows, and even encourages, you to lie to achieve your goals.’ The prophet makes that clear.”

The Niqab is the Flag of Islam (Toronto Sun)
A secular Muslim says that medieval symbols of female servitude have no place in the modern world.

Persecution of Atheists in Britain (BBC)
Freedom of conscience is just one of those small sacrifices Europeans will need to accept in order to accommdate the Muslim masses.

Obama’s Magic Words and Syrian Misery (McClatchy)
Empty rhetoric without the will to back it up may have cost hundreds of thousands of lives.

ISNA’s Interfaith Overreach (FrontPage Magazine)
Western rule of law is strengthened by challenging the ignorance and delusion of interfaith leaders who partner with stealth Islamists.

“They Trampled on Food and Demanded Money” (YouTube)
(Video) Journalists and news agencies sympathize with the ‘refugees’ and sanitize their reports, but what is it really like on the ground?

Denmark Curbs Service to Elderly to Pay for ‘Refugees’…
Educated: 80% of German ISIS Attended University…
(Germany) Teen Honor Killed for Having Sex…
Captured ISIS: Rape & Murder in Caliphate, Europe Next…
Mass Import of Anti-Semites Not Good for Germany’s Jews…
Muslims Persecute Christian Refugees in Germany…
Chechen Leader Gets ‘Prophet’ Blood Transfusion, Gets Loopy…
ISIS Shuts Playgrounds to Prevent ‘Mixing’ of Genders…
Obama Releases ’20th’ 9/11 Hijacker Back to Saudis…
Saudi Tries to Blackmail US Teens into Sex…
Georgia Schoolbooks Teach Islam over Christianity…
Dead Animals, Waste Litter Lahore Streets after Eid…
Britain Needs 1600 More Schools for ‘Migrant’ Children…
UK Muslims Pelt Soldier with Eggs, Excrement…
‘Refugees’ Whine About Slow Wi-Fi Speed (Netherlands)…
Caliph Slams ‘Coconut’ Muslim Who Met with Pope…
40 Dutch Police Required to Break Up ‘Migrant’ Fight…
Christians Left Nailed Up on Crosses in Caliphate…
Britain’s Labour Leader a 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist…
Saudi Haj Chief Blames Blacks for Stampede…

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