Various from the religion of peace 10/01/2015_01

Picture of the Week

A Christian is beheaded by Religion of Peace activists in Syria.
The Queen of Jordan says that if Europe doesn’t accept more Syrian
Muslims, the Muslims already in Europe will become more violent.
In an intelligent world, that is an argument against more Muslims.

The EU’s Pollyanna Policies in Action (FrontPage)
“The EU’s approach to a mass influx from the Middle East is feckless, incoherent and criminally negligent.”

Germany-s Sharia Refugee Shelters (Gatestone)
At German ‘refugee’ centers, Salafist recruiters live large while Christians suffer open persecution.

The Legacy of ‘Clock Boy’ (Robert Spencer)
How many innocents will lose their lives because of an attention-seeking Muslim teen?

Why is the US Funding the UN? (NRO)
A bit off-topic. The air of legitimacy lent by the UN to dictators is harmful to those being oppressed.

Obama Loses Another War that He ‘Ended’ (Daniel Greenfield)
Islamic fanatics are overrunning Afghanistan now, just like they have Iraq. Political “victories” have real consequences.

Caliph Members Behead Man, Make Daughter a Sex Slave…
Germans Could Lose Children for Unsanctioned Viewpoints…
‘Impoverished Refugees’ Queue Up for Latest IPhone…
Hungary: This is a Mass Popular Movement, Not a Refugee Crisis
China: 50 Hacked to Death at Coal Mine…
UK Chapel Removes Cross…
‘War Refugees’ Turn Noses Up at Finland’s Food…
John McCain Had Picture Taken with ISIS ‘Cannibal’…
UK Man Embraces Islam, Blinds Women with Acid…
US Court Finds Kuwaiti Airline Discriminated Against Israeli…
12-Year-Old Girl Killed for Not Making Bread Round Enough…
Caliphate Harvests Organs, Blood from Healthy Prisoners…
Oregon Imam Sent Faithful to Fight US Troops Abroad…
US Judge Rules Saudi Arabia is Immune from 9/11 Damages…
ISIS Vows to Murder More Non-Muslim Humanitarian Workers…
Wife Beaten for Not Giving Birth to Son…

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