Various from the religion of peace 10/04/2015_01

Picture of the Week

A Christian is beheaded by Religion of Peace activists in Syria.
The Queen of Jordan says that if Europe doesn’t accept more Syrian
Muslims, the Muslims already in Europe will become more violent.In an intelligent world, that is an argument against more Muslims.

Three Cheers for Terrorstine (Daniel Greenfield)
Is it really the people with Nobel prizes and technological breakthroughs impeding the potential of those who stab and shoot civilians?

Europe’s Last ‘Suicide by Refugee’ (American Thinker)
The fall of the Roman Empire was facilitated by an influx of people who originally played on the sympathies of their hosts.

‘Fanatical Muslim’ Kills 4-Year-Old Girl for Not Covering Head…
Hugging Women Spared Caning – But Will Go to ‘Rehab’…
UK Christian Family Chased from Home for Leaving Islam…
Sydney Police Ask Imam’s Permission to Raid Mosque…
Mass Violence at ‘Refugee’ Centers…
Emir to Nigerian Pilgrims: Skip ‘Stoning the Devil’…
Sharia Courts Help ISIS Militants Prey on Young Teen Girls…
Cameron’s Plea to Stop Terror is ‘Counter-Productive’…
Australia Tries Pleading With to Muslims to Stop Terror…
Hindus Help Muslim Women Give Birth in Temple…
EU President Admits ‘Refugee’ Influx is Weakening Europe…
Hamas Praises Shooting of Baby, Stabbing of Father…

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