Various from the religion of peace 10/05/2015_01

Picture of the Week

Some call them “refugees.”

Sex Slavery: Nothing to Do with Islam (Gatestone)
With the mass enslavement and rape of women in the Middle East, the supremacist teachings in this matter are hardly academic.

Liberals Destroying Liberalism (DNA India)
Large masses of people want desperately to believe that all religions are intrinsically good and contain a great deal of wisdom. So much so that they make it a postulate and censor critical debate.

How Islam Creates Sociopaths (Nicolai Sennels)
Islam dulls human compassion and promotes an extreme narcissism sanctioned by a higher power.

Muslim Refugees: History vs. Fantasy (Raymond Ibrahim)
“Those who forget or ignore history are destined to be conquered by those who remember and praise it.”

‘Migrant’ Fears in Sweden (Global Politician)
In the wake of the IKEA beheadings, the Swedish people beg their prime minister to stop selling them out.

Mosques Just for Worship? (Pickering Post)
“The first mosque established by Mohammed in Medina which was a seat of government, a command centre, a court, a military training centre and an arms depot.”

Boy Among 12 Christians Tortured and Murdered…
Famed Arch of Palymra Destroyed by Caliphate…
BBC on Stabbing Attack: ‘Palestinian Shot Dead’…
Workplace Guidelines Target Sausage Rolls…
Obama Frets of ‘Quagmire’ as Putin Steps in to Erase ISIS…
Europe’s ‘Top’ Muslim Singer Models ISIS Swag…
More ‘Swedes’ Fight for ISIS than Nazis in WWII…
Man Sets Wife on Fire in Front of Children…
Merkel Refuses to Set ‘Refugee’ Limit as Influx Hits 1.5 Million…
Palestinian Youth Spit on Bleeding Woman…

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