Various from the religion of peace 10/08/2015_01

Picture of the Week

Some call them “refugees.”

Leftist Bigotry vs. Quranic Islam (FrontPage Magazine)
The Islam of the Quran doesn’t sound the way that the rest of us, including moderate Muslims, would like.

The Palestinians’ New Intifada (Gatestone)
The seeds of hate are obviously bearing fruit. Why is the rest of the world enabling this depravity?

Why is the MSM Ignoring Genocide of Christians? (Get Religion)
“Why was this topic merely ‘conservative news’? Isn’t this a human-rights story that would be of interest to all?”

Smugglers Set Up a Nuclear Armageddon (Robert Spencer)
Russians trying to smuggle nuclear material to ISIS may be the ultimate dhimwits. The

Pakistanisation of Turkey (Tribune)
“Will the Syrian crisis and two million refugees have the same impact on Turkey as the Afghan jihad and the refugee exodus from Afghanistan had on Pakistan?”

Hand and Foot of 14-Year-Old Chopped Off…
Palestinians Euphoric over Pictures of Dead Israelis…
(US) Four Muslims Drug and Rape Rhode Island Women…
Man Stoned in Front of Children for Adultery…
Teen Girl Stabbed Stranger ‘For Allah’…
Anzak Day Terrorist Was Enrolled in ‘Deradicalization’ Program…
Denmark: 50% of Migrants Don’t Work: ‘Integration Has Failed’
Arabic is Fastest Growing Language in America…
Report: Saudis Behead 28 for Haj Stampede…
ISIS Planning Jihadi Baby Boom…
Woman May be Jailed for Posting Video of Cheating Husband…
Effort to Sell Nuclear Material to ISIS Broken Up…
Sikhs Feed Syrian Muslims…
Italy Covers Nude Statue to ‘Protect’ Sheikh…
Father of Injured Baby Arrested for Chasing Rock-Throwers…
Calais ‘Migrants’ Dump and Burn Charity Aid…
Photo Series Shows Jizya Imposed on Christians…

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