Various from the religion of peace 10/09/2015_01

Picture of the Week

Some call them “refugees.”

The Muslim Madness of Merkel (Daniel Greenfield)
“Merkel warns European countries that refusing Muslim immigrants is ‘not negotiable.’ This is the type of language that totalitarian regimes use.”

Hijab Shaming in ‘Moderate’ Malaysia (Patheos)
A Muslim woman notes a disturbing trend in her home country.

The Death of History (YouTube)
(Video) Islamists in Syria are destroying history and those who preserve it. This is a trend that began with Muhammad.

How Obama Lost Afghanistan (Gatestone)
Ending a war means that both sides have to stop fighting. It is just a matter of time before the gains made in Afghanistan are completely erased.

Mideast Muslim Dying for a Myth (American Thinker)
“Muslims even admit that the present al-Aqsa site was originally built in 705 AD, over seventy years after Mohammed’s death. Islam has a real problem. Their own history contradicts their claim.”

England’s Green and Pleasant Land (Breitbart)
“Hordes of migrants come here with EU encouragement, while a weak government is too scared to act in case they are called racist.”

Saudi Employer Chops Hand of Maid Trying to Escape…
Germany: Muslim ‘Migrants’ Swell Crime by 65%…
AUS Imam ‘Condemns’ Terror – Not Calling Parramatta ‘Terror’
Germans Accused of ‘Racism’ for Objecting to Sex Harassment and Public Defecation…
(France) Imam Tells Kids Music Lovers Will Be Turned into Pigs
Long-Time Muslim Neighbors Kill Christian Children…
True Number of Admitted Migrants to Germany: 7 Million
Religion of Peace in Nigeria: 1.5 Million Refugees, Widows…
Qatari Royal Molests Children in Europe…
Sweden Overwhelmed by 1500 ‘Migrants’ a Week…
Sydney Leader: Muslims Strain Welfare System…
Chechen Mayor Bans ‘Western’ Cutting of Wedding Cakes…
Dutch Soldier Defects to ISIS…
Cleric Says Muslim Men Will be ‘Ripping Hymens’ in Heaven…
Taliban Shut Down Women’s Radio Station…
AUS Killer Led Prayer Meetings at School…
Haj 2015 Death Toll: 1310…
Chicago’s ‘Billy Graham of Islam’ Held for Sexual Assault…
Three Christians Executed…
UK Courts Favor Muslims over Non-Muslims…

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