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BRILLIANT! Protest Photos, VIDEO: SIOE, Anti-Jihad Groups CLOSE Denmark-Germany Border

luk_graensen2Yesterday, my colleague and European partner, Anders Gravers of Stop Islamization of Denmark and Stop Islamization of Europe (SIOE), led the Danish group “Close the Border,” which consists of several Danish Islamic-critical groups and anti-immigration groups, and took decisive anti-migrant action. They did what many Danish people would wish that their politicians and police would […]READ MORE

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Syrian “Refugees” Complain About Slow Internet, No Cigarettes, And Food Only Fit For A Dog Or A Woman

Refugee2The “migrant” who says that the food is fit only for a dog or a woman is not exceptional. According to a shocking German document dated August 18th from a refugee center in Hessen (Germany), Muslim immigrants are raping the women AND children in large numbers. They clearly state that it is not incidental: it […]READ MORE

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VIDEO of Turkey’s 9/11: Twin suicide bombings at peace rally kills 97 people and injures 246

Two explosions were said to kill at least 95 people and injured 246 in the Turkish capital.The attack is the deadliest ever of its kind on Turkish soil. Word is that the Islamic State is behind these horrific bombings. President Erdogan covertly backed this group over the past couple of years. The Turkish government has censored media coverage of bombings as Twitter and Facebook were “blocked.” State media watchdog, the Turkish […]READ MORE

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Sharia USA: Obama admin BANS PORK products from federal prisons to accommodate Muslims

muslim-rights-group-seeks-to-add-halal-food-in-florida-prisons-01Anywhere American mores and Islamic “culture” conflict, it’s American mores that have to give way. Prisons have become for jihad recruitment. ISIS is now growing in prisons systems across the Western world. How is the US government responding? NY becoming more sharia compliant. Halal prisons. NO more pork, ham, or bacon for 206,000 inmates. And […]READ MORE

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“ISIS is massive in jails now’’: Bearded men clutching Korans are the new breed of prison ‘‘gang-bangers’’

ISIS-prison-mainFor years I have reported on the growing radicalization of prisons in the US, Europe, and Australia. We are losing control of our jails. “Goulburn Super Max Prison becomes an off-shoot of ISIS,” Telegraph, 11/10/2015 ISIS is now a powerful Australian prison gang with the international terror outfit threatening to behead NSW Department of Corrective […]READ MORE

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Saturday Night Cinema: Ace in the Hole

ace posterTonight’s Saturday Night Cinema classic is Billy Wilder’s Ace in the Hole, starring Kirk Douglas. Wilder is at his cynical best telling a story of a conniving reporter who attempts to turn an accident into the scoop of his life. Kirk Douglas is at his most powerful and hypnotic as Chuck Tatum, who’s been itching […]READ MORE

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UK gave Gitmo inmate $1.5 million; now he has fled to the Islamic State

Jamal-al-HarithHas Obama learned anything from this or from the scores of Gitmo enemy combatants who return to jihad after their release? Of course not; he is sympathetic to the jihad cause. The Obama administration announced that President Obama would veto a defense authorization bill if it did not close down Guantanamo Bay. White House press […]READ MORE

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Pamela Geller, Breitbart News: “Media Frenzy on a News Story That Hasn’t Even Happened”

islam-jihad-rally-Reuters-640x480Check out my article today on the media’s preemptive attack on rallies scheduled this weekend, protesting jihad terror at terror-tied mosques across America. In four separate studies, each independent of one another, conducted by different groups since 1998 (including a Muslim group), each found that 80% of mosques in the US were teaching hatred of […]READ MORE

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Germany: Fewer than 1 in 10 ‘Migrants’ Apply for Work

mostly men muslim refugeeThis is no surprise to anyone who has been watching this hijrah, aka “refugee crisis” closely. The migrants have been flocking to Germany because it offers the best welfare benefits. The migrants are overwhelmingly male and Muslim, and are not in Germany to work, but to Islamize it. “OVERLOAD: 311,000 Working Age Migrants In Germany… […]READ MORE

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60 Minutes Interview: Only Obama could make a HERO out of …. Putin

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 11.20.29 PMWatch this 60 Minute preview with Steve Kroft, who kisses Obama’s .. ring a lot less than we then we are accustomed to. ‘PUTIN CHALLENGING YOUR LEADERSHIP’… Kroft calls Obama out on his spineless, gutless foreign policy failures and Obama gets really ticked off. Watch his face. He can’t believe his running dogs in the […]READ MORE

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Água de Beber on an open thread

gilberto4As the weather cools down, I thought we ought to heat things up a bit in the Atlassphere. Agua de Beber — Astrud Gilberto, featuring Antonio Carlos Jobim, written by Antônio Carlos Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes. If you don’t own the record, get it: Getz / Gilberto.READ MORE

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ISIS Feeds Starving Mother Her 3-Year-Old Child

a-refugee-woman-from-the-minority-yazidi-sectYazidis Blame Obama’s Inaction for Ongoing Atrocities. It’s not just the Yazidis — every rational, freedom-loving person holds Obama in utter contempt. Obama CREATED the threat by leaving Iraq precipitously and giving an opportunity to this group. He has denied it has anything to do with Islam. This shows that he is encased in denial […]READ MORE

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VIDEO: Doctor describes horrors in German hospital overrun by Muslim migrants, Doctors stabbed, no arrests, no media

migrant66Again total cover up in the Muslim invasion of Europe. In this report, a doctor describes the stabbing of an attending physician at one of the hospitals overrun with Muslim migrants — there are no arrests and no media coverage, of course. But there’s more — what he describes is gruesome. Czech doctor describes conditions […]READ MORE

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This European country threatens ‘self-defence to limit migration’ in challenge to Angela Merkel

croatia-invasionIt appears increasingly clear that Germany has set the stage for next world war in Europe. But make no mistake, this time the German people are not down with the mein herr. “Bavaria threatens ‘self-defence to limit migration’ in challenge to Angela Merkel”, The Telegraph, October, 9, 2015 If the flow of migrants and refugees […]READ MORE

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The Media Frenzy on a News Story That Hasn’t Even Happened

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 1.06.11 PMThe media is in a constant state of frenzied panic to advance and promote the lie of Islamophobia and the Muslim-victimhood myth. Despite a complete lack of any real evidence, the media frames opposition of jihad terror, FGM, creed apartheid, gender apartheid as “islamophobia,” or this pearl, “anti-Muslim extremists,” as if one should support those […]READ MORE

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University rips up chapel pews, removes crosses to accommodate Muslims, outrage called ‘Islamophobia’

Grace-ChapelAnywhere American mores and law conflict with Islamic law and supremacism, it’s American mores that must give way. Ripping out pews? It’s sacrilege. “University rips up chapel pews to accommodate Muslims,” WND, October 7,2015 Outrage called ‘Islamophobia,’ students now want Islam-friendly plumbing A “predominantly Judeo-Christian environment” on Wichita State University’s campus was deemed not inclusive […]READ MORE

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