Various from Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs 10/12/2015


Two Jewish Yeshiva students attacked with firebomb in New York City

chabad times squareJews across the world are under violent attack as Islamic Jew-hatred is normed under the guise of “palestinianism.” Jew-haters of all stripes are free to come out of the post-holocaust closet, and they are — in spades. Will President Obama invite these victims to the White House, as he did time-bomb hoaxer Clockmed? Don’t make […]READ MORE

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Detective refused to lift Islamic niqab, subjecting Elizabeth Smart to 7 more months of rape, torture

elizabeth-smartElizabeth Smart, whose 2002 kidnapping terrified Americans, told jurors how a Salt Lake City police detective tried to see behind her veil but backed down when the man accused of kidnapping her said her face was hidden for religious reasons. With all the coverage of the Elizabeth Smart case, I bet you never heard this […]READ MORE

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SHOCKING VIDEOS and photos found on phones left by Muslim migrants

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 5.04.06 PMHungarians discover videos and photos found on the abandoned phones of Muslim migrants. These phones have been left or thrown away near the Hungarian border. More than a thousand videos and photos. The men in these videos clearly know each other well. They are purposefully hurting and torturing each other as a way to “prepare […]READ MORE

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German authorities playing down refugee shelter sex crime reports

FB_IMG_1444504743687Germany’s police union and women’s rights groups accused the authorities of playing down reports of harassment, sexual assault and even rape at refugee shelters because they feared a backlash against Muslim migrants. This mirrors German Chancellor Merkel’s fascist edict that Facebook censor any and ally anti-migrant posts. Chancellor Angela Merkel was caught on a hot […]READ MORE

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