Various from the religion of peace 10/24/2015_01

Picture of the Week

“V” for “Victory”
Muslim ‘refugees’ gleefully burn down tents and supplies provided
by their hosts – to emphasize that they are not receiving what they
feel entitled to by virtue of their mere arrival on non-Muslim shores.

Japan, Sweden and the Benefits of ‘Islamophobia’ (Daily Caller)
Does “Islamophobia” keep a society safe? Sweden opened its doors to Muslim migrants. Japan didn’t. Let’s compare the results.

Palestinian Deformative Years (The Commentator)
“Palestinian children are brainwashed right from the start. Rejectionism and the cult of death are at the core of their culture.”

Skilled at Lawfare (Spectator)
Islamists living in the West are becoming skilled at exploiting the legal system to advance their agenda.

Caliph Sends Assassins to Kill Christian Refugees in EU…
Sweden: Muslim Immigrants Committing 77% of Rapes…
Woman Set on Fire for Refusing Marriage Proposal…
Merkel’s Government Works to Stamp Out Protesters…
Anti-Semitic Slurs Commonplace at UK Islamic School…
Britain Admits Sharia is Bad for Women…
Only 1 in 3 Muslims in Denmark Believe Israel Has Right to Exist
Australia: Muslim Kids Opt Out of Singing National Anthem…
Grandkids Plead for Elderly Brit Sentenced to 350 Lashes…
Priest Asked for Sex Advice During Torture…
Gays to Get 100 Lashes in ‘Moderate’ Indonesia…
German Expert: ‘Pandora’s Box is Opened Too Far’…
Europe’s Radicals Recruit Hard at Refugee Centers…
Elderly Brits Scammed of Savings by Islamists…

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