Various from the religion of peace 10/25/2015_01

Picture of the Week

“V” for “Victory”
Muslim ‘refugees’ gleefully burn down tents and supplies provided
by their hosts – to emphasize that they are not receiving what they
feel entitled to by virtue of their mere arrival on non-Muslim shores.

11 Things Saudi Women Can’t Do (The Week)
Women are kept on a short leash in the birthplace of Islam.

Iran’s Religious Persecution (Gatestone)
More Islam equals less tolerance for anyone not following the herd.

10 Things to Know About the Latest Palestinian Jihad (J Post)
When Israelis fight back, there are fewer dead Israelis and more dead terrorists.

Time to Fight Back Against Islamism (American Thinker)
“Islamists have declared open war on the entire civilized world, which gives us both the right and the duty to destroy their entire ideology and, if Islam cannot reform itself, the entire Islamic religion.”

John Kerry’s Foolish Statements (Breaking Israel News)
While Kerry is obesessed with settlements, Palestinians are obsessed with Jews.

Raping Women Toward Allah (Modern Tokyo Times)
Different “interpretations” of Islam are really just the degree to which its teachings are taken seriously. This makes for practices that are both bizarre and deadly.

‘Refugee’ Rapes Toddler: Govt. Tries to Cover it Up…
Mother of 8 Shot Because Her Husband Left Islam…
EU Leaders Congratulate Merkel for Ignoring Public Opinion…
Swedish Woman Gang-Raped for Hours by ‘Refugee Children’…
Caliphate Pledge Second Holocaust…
Young Boy Helps Whip Civilians in Palymyra…
Gaza Professor Teaches: Civilians are ‘Fair Game’…
Palestinian ‘Music’ Features Songs Like ‘Stab, Stab’…
Arab Disguises Himself in Jewish Garb to Stab Jews…
Burka Halloween Costumes Called ‘Dehumanizing’…
‘Refugees’ Try to Burn Feet of Gay Man…
Man Throws Acid on 3-Year-Old…
Illinois Drivers Awarded $24000 for Refusing to Do Job…
Pak. Christian Woman Abducted, Forced to Embrace Islam…
Secret Islamic Group Focused on Major Attacks in West…
Kurd and Muslim Student Were Fatalities in Sweden Attack…
Some Muslim Men in Britain Having Up to 20 Children…
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1 Response to Various from the religion of peace 10/25/2015_01

  1. Ron Clouse says:

    The complaint that burka costumes are dehumanizing is especially rich. Somehow burkas themselves aren’t dehumanizing, but having a little fun with them is. This culture has gone so far downhill, I actually pity children being born into it.


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