Various from the religion of peace 10/27/2015_01

Picture of the Week

Did you hear the one about the boy who turned a clock into a clock that looks like a timer, declared that Americans are paranoid racists… then got cozy with an indicted war criminal who oversees the rape and racial genocide of black Africans and the ethnic cleansing of Christians?

Don’t Make the Muslims Angry (Daniel Greenfield)
“Our diplomatic Stockholm syndrome traces back the root cause of Muslim violence not to the Muslim killers, but to anyone who might be guilty of provoking them.”

Why Muslims Don’t Get Hired (Pat Condell)
If you were an employer, would you prefer to hire the person who wants to make the workplace all about their religion or someone who just wants to get on with the job?

Reza Aslan’s Fantasy Islam (Robert Spencer)
“Fantasy Islam: A game in which an audience of non-Muslims wish with all their hearts that Islam was a Religion of Peace, and a Muslim strives to fulfill that wish by presenting a personal version of Islam that has little foundation in Islamic Doctrine.”

Muslims March for Sharia and Jihad in Denmark (YouTube)
(Video) Footage from an event reported in our News section. This movement will only grow in the years to come, as it does elsewhere in Europe. Does anyone seriously think this is going to end well?

Hypocrisy in Sweden (Breitbart)
Neither was committed by a Muslim, but the very different reaction to two very similar killings speaks to the media and government’s passionate distaste for objectivity.

Trump Endorses Burqa (in Trump Fashion)…
Humans Strapped to Ancient Columns and Blown Up…
‘Army of Darkness’ Wanted to Build Largest Mosque in UK…
German Women Schooled by Muslim Chauvinists…
Small Businesses Face Collapse Because of Calais Thugs…
Journalist Chased from Muslim Area of Sweden (with Rocks)…
Germans Lose Jobs as Resorts & Hotels Given to ‘Migrants’…
Putin Mulls Alliance with the Taliban…
Christian Woman Gang-Raped in Pakistan…
ISIS Runs Low on Child Suicide Bombers – Trains Women…
Germany Investigates Pastor for ‘Predatory Hordes’ Warning…
Sharia in Toronto as Cabbies Turn Away Seeing-Eye Dogs…
Saudi Prince Caught Smuggling 2 Tons of Drugs…
Three More California Woman Sexually Assaulted by Prince…
Yemen Radicals at University Segregate Students, Ban Music
Palestinian Killer’s Mother Whips Out Knife – and Candy…
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