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German teachers union warns girls to stay away from Muslim migrants

muslim_refugees1_1German teachers union warns girls to stay away from Islamic men as an immigrant invasion is spilling over in Germany. They describe how innocent conversations in public transportation and in supermarkets can lead to sexual assault. The statement from the “Journal of the Philologists’ Association of Saxony-Anhalt” that young women should be dissuaded from relationships […]READ MORE

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RAW, SAVAGE VIDEO: Muslim Woman Stabs Jewish Guard, Homicidal Islamic Attacks DAILY NOW in Israel

beitar-illit-stabbing-635x357Because there is so much war news and too little time to cover what the media won’t, I have been remiss in reporting the daily Muslim attacks on Jews in Israel. Every day homicidal Muslims have been stabbing, running over, stoning, etc. Jews. These murderous attempts are met with silence from a genocide-aiding media whose […]READ MORE

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Germany’s new normal: “People can’t leave their homes” “Migrants go into churches to disrupt service. They walk in and start to riot.”

L1070987Media and political elites continue to spin the catastrophic invasion of Europe as some “humanitarian” movement, summarily ignoring the grave consequences of the hijrah (immigration jihad). Only a handful of news sites (like this one) are reporting on the true nature of invasion, getting the real news from the true victims — the besieged Europeans […]READ MORE

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Thousands March Demanding Merkel’s Resignation

merkel migrant selfie 4She has got to go. Germans can’t leave their homes — that’s how dangerous the situation has become. The anti-mass migration Alternativ für Deutschland (AfD) party held a rally in the German capital Berlin yesterday, demanding the resignation of Chancellor Angela Merkel. This is not AfD’s first protest. Last week, thousands of protesters gathered in […]READ MORE

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Muslim council calls to ban all Jews from Temple Mount

HamasFlagTempleMountThe respect and submission that devout Muslims demand (on pain of death) for their savage and inhumane ideology is diametrically opposed to their hatred and supremacism over all other religions. Of course, they see no contradiction in this. Reason in Islam is strictly prohibited. “Muslim council calls to ban all Jews from Temple Mount,” by […]READ MORE

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