Various from the religion of peace 11/09/2015_01

Picture of the Week

One of 25 children and 224 civilians brought down by a Religion
of Peace bomb blast aboard a Russian airliner last week.
Islamists praise God for it while prominent leaders in
the Muslim world have said that it was a righteous kill.

Turkey’s Slide into a Dictatorship (FrontPage)
In the name of Islam, Erdogan is rolling back freedom and instilling a totalitarian climate of fear.

Prisons: Microcosms of Islamic Supremacy (Raymond Ibrahim)
“Islam’s Rule of Numbers holds that, wherever and whenever Muslims grow in numbers, the same acts of anti-infidel violence that are endemic to the Islamic world grow with them.”

Oprah’s Teachable Moment: Taqiyya (Breitbart)
“Oprah had a chance to present the truth to a huge audience. Instead, she gave us yet another example in an endless series: enemedia taqiyya in action.”

Aisha and Muhammad: The Movie (Islam Watch)
(Video) A 47-minute film narrates one of the darker moral chapters in Muhammad’s life.

Public Health Crisis in Germany (Gatestone)
‘Migrants’ attacking health workers and bringing in resistant disease are some of the “challenges” that Germans are needlessly imposing on themselves.

Turkey’s Stockholm Syndrome (Gatestone)
Turkey’s is sliding away from secularism and toward a theocratic dictatorship.

Meet the Cry-Bullies (Spectator)
“Islamism is the ultimate Cry-Bully cause; on one hand stamping around murdering anyone who doesn’ t agree, on the other yelling ‘ISLAMOPHOBIA’ in lieu of having a real debate on merit.”

Who Will Stand with Sonia Bibi? (Jamie Glazov)
(Video) A young woman dies after being set on fire for refusing a marriage ‘proposal’: Shouldn’t this be a story that interests the mainstream media and feminists?

Swedish School on Sex Assault: ‘Boys Will be Boys’…
UN Projects Sweden as Third World Country by 2030…
Muslim Brotherhood Sabotaging Sewage System…
Saudi Traffic Chief Blames Women for ‘40%’ of Accidents…
California Stabber Was on Terror Watch List…
ISIS Issues Call to Arms in the Caribbean…
British Businesses Lose 660 Million to ‘Migrant Crisis’…
US DOD: ‘Misspoke’ in Referring to Taliban as ‘Partner’…
Malaysia Mulls Halal-Haram Segregation at Groceries…
‘All of Them Have Been Killed and Thanks to God for That’…
German Teachers Slammed for Safety Warning to Girls…
Man Wearing Burqa to Tryst, Mistaken for Suicide Bomber
Tennessee Wife Held Captive Under Sharia (Subscription)…
Actress Savagely Beaten in Casablanca…
Michigan Town Becomes First in U.S. w/ Muslim-Controlled Govt.
ISIS Releases Quranic Amputation Video…
Muslims ‘with British Accents’ Praise Plane Bombing…
Saudis Ban 50 Baby Names
‘Migrant’ Phone Videos Under-score Culture of Violence…
Cleric on Paradise: Women Get ‘Appetizing Vaginas’…
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