Various from the religion of peace 11/29/2015_01

Picture of the Week

Twenty victims of the Islamic attacks in Paris, which claimed
the lives of 130 innocents – most of whom were young.
Each of the killers was – ultimately – a product of Islamic
immigration. Each was in a position to kill because
of the trust and kindness of Europeans – and the naive
belief that Islam is neither different nor dangerous.

The Other Debate on Syrians to America (NRO)
America is nearing $20 trillion in debt, still fighting in the Middle East, and facing the certain prospect of combat surges to quell the rising threat of jihadism. So why is Congress paying for immigration policies that exacerbate our peril?

Where’s the Outrage? (Boston Herald)
If Muslims truly acted as if the violence was against their faith then what a difference it would make.

Syrian Refugees as Pilgrims? (American Thinker)
Obama compared modern-day Syrian refugees to Mayflower pilgrims – who, in the past, he accused of wreaking havoc on native peoples.

Getting Stuffed by Turkey (Snouts in the Trough)
Turkey’s admission to the EU would assure a quicker path to disaster than what is currently being charted.

They Were Already Radicalized (We Need to Talk about Islam)
Ignoring the role that Islam plays is a lot more dangerous than examining it.

India’s Muslim Leader: Women ‘Only Fit to Deliver Children’…
Missouri Girl Slapped, Dragged from School for Not Having Hijab
18 Macedonian Police Injured by ‘Migrants’…
‘Open Warfare’ in Swedish Town Swamped by ‘Refugees’…
4Chan Users Mock ISIS With Rubber Duck Images…
Possible Hate Crime Against Muslim in Pittsburgh…
Muslim Missionaries ‘Convert’ African Children (Malawi)…
Preacher: Europe Will Perish Deported Muslims in Deserts…
Israeli Cop Stabbed in Neck by ‘Allah’ Enthusiast…
NY Muslims Want NYPD Money, Terror Report Removed…
Gulf States Still Refuse to Take Syrian Refugees…
Friends: Tunisian Bomber Became More Pious…
‘Allah Akbar’ Graffiti Found on European Jetliners…
Italian Women ‘Cleared’ of Public Kiss…
Extra Security in Brussels Costing $55 Million a Day…
Syria: Turkey Downed Russian Jet to Avenge Attack on ISIS Oil Smuggling to Erdogan Son…
Saudi Arabia to Stone Maid for Adultery – Lash Man…
Wife Gets Triple Talaq After Gang-Rape…
EU Upholds French Ban on Headscarves…
U.S. Study: Women, Northeast More Opposed to Refugee Influx
Judge Tosses CAIR Lawsuit Against Florida Gun Shop…
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