Various from the religion of peace 12/20/2015_01

Picture of the Week

Future “refugees” have some fun with a Christian in Syria.
Not profiling by religion apparently means having to take in people
who have no such qualm (for benefits that are never really clear).

Muslims Not the Enemy, But Keep Out Sharia (The T and D)
Unfortunately for this writer, more Muslims makes Sharia inevitable. Still, we appreciate the distinction between people and ideology.

Trump, Muslims and Sharia (Star Beacon)
The majority of Muslims in America oppose violence for Islam. 13% do not. 13% of 100 is 13 Muslims. 13% of 200 is 26 Muslims. Follow the pattern?

Michael Moore as Flat Fatima (Peoples’ Cube)
Michael Moore gets the Flat Fatima treatment in iconic images from the Islamic world.

Christians and Muslims Do Not Worship the Same God (NRO)
A Catholic college is under fire for being Catholic: “There is immense cultural pressure to paper over the differences between religious faiths.”

Emptying Gitmo Will Help Terrorists (Andrew C. McCarthy)
A partisan piece that raises good points about the consequences of unilateral action against Guantanamo Bay.

Hillary’s Blindness to Muslim Extremists (NY Post)
Choosing Minneapolis to unveil strategy against terror is like “choosing Baskin-Robbins to announce your weight-loss plans.”

Man Executed for Missing Prayers…
Obama Taps Terror-Linked CAIR to ‘Represent’ Muslims…
Europe ‘Coaches’ Migrant Men on Not Raping Women…
Musliim Immigrants Openly Assault Swedes on Video…
Connecticut Man Fires Bullets at Empty Mosque…
Bomb Found in Bathroom of Air France Plane…
Female Lawyer Battles Fatwa Violence Against Women…
Shiite Militia Plays Instagram Game with Fate of Captives…
Hillary Says Trump Video Will Turn Muslims into Terrorists…
Burger King Goes Halal in France…
Malaysian Court May Let Muslims Leave Islam…
Swiss Islamic Board Member Has Ties to al-Qaeda…
Obama Blames ‘Not Enough TV’ to ‘Low-Key’ Response to Attacks…
Saudi ‘Coalition’ Against ISIS Includes Nations Unaware…
Berlin Radicals Openly Recruit for Islamic State…
Minnesota Kids Sing ‘Allah Akbar’ at ‘Christmas’ Concert…
(US) 45% of Democrats Support ‘Sans Trump’ Moratorium…
French Muslims Sue Govt. to Stop Anti-Terror Raids…
Victim Blacked Out During Gang-Rape by Caliphate…
US Forces Arrive in Libya to Stop ISIS – Quickly Ordered Out…
Moderates: Embarrassed by CAIR Handling of San Bernardino
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