The Federal Government needs to get out of Public Education.

Government and education is bad

     The Federal Government needs to get out of Public Education and the U. S. Dept of Education needs to be eliminated. Common Core needs to go. Legislation needs to be written to allow teachers nationwide to opt out of joining a union. When government controls education it controls the formative thoughts of our youth. The number of young people, students who support Bernie Sanders and his Democratic Socialism attests to that. Bernie Sanders’ and Hillary Clinton’s free college education will only further the governments grip on our children’s minds. The idea that there should be safe zones and free speech curtailed on College campuses so students don’t get their feelings hurt is assinine at best. The Federal Government is destroying our education system in order to take control of our youth’s minds. College students are being taught to obey, follow the teachings and not to think. The Federal Government needs to be considerably downsized and power returned to the states. State government needs to be downsized and power driven down to the more local level. The Federal Government has progressed into a destructive power that is not what was envisioned by our founders, is not Constitutional and needs an extreme overhaul and downsizing.

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