Americans Fund Islamic Jihad Via Stealth (Halal) Zakat:Restaurants In America Submitting To Shariah Law! Patriots, Forewarned…..Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

THIS investigative journalist is (literally) in the cross hairs of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafiaand it is not for nothing. Featuring, shining a spotlight on, their global goals in a major interview (Oct. 2013) elicited one threat after another. Not only that, an upcoming book release (Sept. 2016) will enrage them even further – and that’s all for the good! Effectively, if patriots (no less, American-Israeli citizens who suffer under the boot of militant Islamic jihad in both countries) don’t stand up to them, strong and proud, then who will? Indeed.

SO it is under this rubric that a compendium of this site’s work, invariably, often highlights the danger elicited from stealth jihad. As stated, frontal jihad hardly necessitates any edification, after all, its bloody “handiwork” is self-evident!

AND while stealth jihad encompasses many insidious forms (primarily, via silencing /omertas ala CAIR, the insertion of Islamic…

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