The Left


The Left

As long as Americans tolerate leftist behavior it will keep on going on. We tolerated birth control when Sanger started that movement. We tolerated prayer being removed from schools. We tolerated the 10 Cmdts removed from schools. We are tolerating the removal all images and sayings of religious holidays. We tolerate the massacre of innocent pre-born babies. We are tolerating so called “death with dignity.” We tolerate homosexuality and now gay marriage and now polygamy. Next is pedophilia. We tolerate corrupt sexual perverts, thieves and the covetous to run for office and win. Americans tolerate multiCULTuralism which is running amuck and is used to rape and kill our fellow Americans, and now we are tolerating our history GOOD or BAD to be erased on PUBLIC lands. As long as we continue to allow this filth it will get worse and worse. EVIL UNCHECKED TAKES OVER! AND by the…

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