BREAKING: 2 Million Rounds Of Ammo That ‘Went Missing’ Under Obama Turns Up In Enemy Hands via APV


Tell me again what a great Commander in Chief B. Hussein Obama was, what a great President. His legacy is one of treason. I would say incompetence but I believe he purposely sought to bring dow the United States of America along with his accomplices. Nobody could be that incompetent or ignorant of what was happening due to his foreign policies. H/T APVtoday

According to an insider report from the office of the Quartermaster at the Pentagon, the 2 million rounds of ammunition that “went missing” during Obama’s reign of terror were seized by US forces in Afghanistan and have been returned to the military inventory.

Brig. General George Mason’s assistant Chief of Staff all but confirmed the report, saying that the matter has been turned over to those in charge of accountability. She hinted that this is exactly the kind of thing that could end up before Congress:


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