CNN’s Rehearsed Students at Stoneman High

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Shortly after the news broke of a shooting in which countless were wounded and killed, the face of David Hogg, said to be a high school student at Stoneman Douglas High School, Broward County, Florida popped up on the television screen.

My response to Hogg was one of unease and as it turns out, rightfully so. This has Michael Bloomberg written all over it.

Is it a coincidence that Hogg who as it turns out, is quite comfortable with the Progressive lexicon, the use of Alinskyite tactics is anti-Trump, anti-Republican, anti-Second Amendment has remained front and center in the headlines since last week’s shooting.

There is more, so much more.  Let the manipulation, guilt-tripping and fake news begin.

Wait did somebody say fake news? Enter CNN.

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

The student movement March for Our Lives is sponsored by Everytown and is part of a larger leftist movement. Everytown…

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