Jerusalem PD/HQ’s Obstruction of Justice: Nachlaot/Sanhedria/Ger Pedophile Investigations – Nexus To The Malka Leifer Case, The Australian Connection (PART 2) Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

AS promised within “Sanhedria, Jerusalem Plagued By Pedophile Ring = Nachlaot, Jerusalem Redux: Political/Legal ‘Protectzia’ Shields Powerful Perpetrators! What’s Going On? – PART 1″ (Dec.30, 2019), no stone will be left unturned, that is, until a MEGA spotlight is shined, come what may, on a long-term, unforgivable crime – exacerbated by the grave malfeasance of (a minority of) Israel’s powers that be.

NAMELY, it is not for nothing that the aforementioned exposé targets political and legal “protectzia”, as prime addresses of culpability. Rage.

RESULTANT, it must be internalized that obstruction of justice can take various forms. Generally, it falls into the “passive or active” column. On its face, passive obstruction involves taking the “ostrich position.” More commonly known as “going along to get along”, it is sans any particular calculus. On the other side of the spectrum lies the active part; that which, usually, includes financial gain. Mind you…

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