The “Forrest Gumping” of American Education. Via Partnering With Eagles (Video)


I originally posted this during August 2014.  Pointless “words” coined and falsely legitimized, merely due to frequency of use, have unspeakably degraded the English language.  Their continued use was motivation to re publish this post.

I have had fellow patriots take umbrage with me over not knowing third grade use of possessives, and many are, if not my age, (62) my senior by several years.

In my teens, I had read things like Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, and others such as the Sherlock Holmes series of books.  The language used in these stories would have most of us forced to have a dictionary in our laps because of the degradation of our vocabulary.  Sadly, myself included, since the power of words has been greatly diminished by their disuse.  I am not talking…

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