Various from the religion of peace 8/14/2015_01

Picture of the Week

Niloy Chatterjee, a true man
Insecurity is one reason faithful Muslims hack
proponents of science and secularism to death while
“peace-loving” Muslims never seem to get too upset about it.

Our Stockholm Syndrome with Islam (Glazov)
(Video) Why does Western society protect and sympathize with our abuser and potential executioner?

Hirsi Ali’s Hope for an Islamic Reformation (FrontPage Magazine)
“The biggest problem is that not a single one of the features Hirsi Ali would like to change in Islam is representational of the seventh century.”

Psychotherapy for Jiahdis ‘Naive and Impossible’ (10 News)
“Therapy for jihadis is, at most, a way for politicians to try and calm the public by signaling that ‘something is being done about the problems’.”

Christians Used as ‘Form of Currency’ by the Caliph…
French Muslim Leader Hints at Violence over Pork…
Islamic State Posts 1400 American ‘Targets’…
Mosque Charity Money Funds Pakistani Drug Running…
ISIS Used Mustard Gas Against Kurds…
Carter Prepared to Blame Israel to the End…

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