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Hungarian Prime Minister: Refugees threaten Europe’s Christian roots

mostly men muslim refugeeFrankly, the massive Muslim migration crisis threatens more than Europe’s Christian roots, it threatens the whole of Europe. Media reports of this massive Muslim invasion focus on the crying women and children, in a deliberate manipulation of the story. The majority of the these immigrants are men. Photo above: Syrian refugees at Keleti station in […]READ MORE

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Iran General: Military Buildup Won’t Stop Until Israel is Annihilated

obama iranAgain, we must ask the question of the Obama administration and those traitorous Congressman who support the nuclear arms race – why? Why sanction and support a nuclear weapons program for a genocidal, jihad state? It is irrational not to mention dangerous – not just for Israel but for the free world. Obama’s Jew-hatred and […]READ MORE

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“Take That, Bibi”: PBS “Journalist” Mocks Israeli Prime Minister After Iran Deal Victory

gwen ifill obamaGwen Ifill isn’t singular. Her views are no doubt identical to those of most of her colleagues. The mainstream media today doesn’t report the news. It’s a propaganda arm for the most anti-Israel, anti-American administration in our nation’s history. “‘Take That, Bibi’: PBS Journalist Mocks Israeli Prime Minister After Iran Deal Victory,” by Cortney O’Brien, […]READ MORE

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The Invasion: Massive Islamic Prayers in Budapest Square

Muslims Budapest2The EU tells members, take migrants or lose grants. Armaros explains this incredible scene from this Budapest newspaper report: My short take is this: Essentially the Hungarians got stuck with these invaders as Germany would be willing to take them, Austria and the Slovaks/ Czechs would not let the trains pass their borders. Leaving Hungary […]READ MORE

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What You Want, Baby I Got It

pamela-geller-free-speech-rallyBecause you asked! Muhammad cartoon tee-shirts, calendars and other great AFDI stuff on sale here. And it supports our work. A total feel good purchase. Full Frontal Freedom Fashion. What better way to celebrate Memorial Day than with defiance tee-shirts? Proceeds help towards our enormous security costs. Muhammad Tee Shirt, available here. AFDI Tee-shirt, available […]READ MORE

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More than 100,000 Muslim asylum seekers enter Germany in August

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 4.31.15 PMThe rise of the next Reich in, appropriately enough, Germany. Millions of Muslims whose religion dictates a vicious enmity towards the Jews (and the kuffar) are descending upon Europe. Check out the German train banner in Arabic: “You are Welcome.” Welcome to the suicide of a country, a continent. Read this: The invasion of Europe […]READ MORE

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Robert Spencer: Savage Enemy — How ISIS Wants to Start Armageddon

photoThe 700 Club featured Robert Spencer’s newly-released must-read, The Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS. Get it at in paperback (order here) and on Kindle (order here). Savage Enemy: How ISIS Wants to Start Armageddon, CBN, September 2, 2015 Terror expert Robert Spencer exposes the mysterious inner workings of the Islamic State in his latest […]READ MORE

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Muslim slave buyers: ‘That one has big breasts. But I want blue eyes and pale skin. I am willing to pay’

yazidi slave marketIt is monstrous, unfathomable, wretched, and yet the West does nothing. The left creates memes like #BlackLivesMatter, a sick joke considering what is really going on in the world that they choose to ignore. In fact, all lives matter, but that idea went out of style when the fascists took over in 2008. The now […]READ MORE

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Obama Finds Final Traitor: Iran Nuke Vote, The Sellouts – Here’s the Full List of US Senators

NukeAnother post in what my work has increasingly become, a play-by-play on the road to Armageddon. Obama dug up the final traitor. Democratic (of course) Sen. Barbara Mikulski of Maryland announced support for the Iran nuclear deal Wednesday, providing Obama the votes he needs to override a veto. Mikulski is retiring and so has nothing […]READ MORE

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