Various from the religion of peace 12/14/2015_01

Picture of the Week

Where’s Syed asked his San Bernardino co-workers (pictured).
Syed and his wife were just running a little late, as it turns out.Muslim groups shrug off terror attacks in the name
of Islam. They say it’s just a “misunderstanding.”
If so, then shouldn’t they have gotten it cleared up by now?

Sweden: Shambles in Asylum Heaven (Gatestone)
If you’re a killer and/or convicted war criminal, Swedes would rather have you in their country than your own.

Steve Jobs a Syrian Refugee? (Breitbart)
Not even his biological father, who had not the slightest influence on him, was a refugee in the true sense.

ISIS in Libya Sets Sights on Roman Monuments…
Demand for Firearms Soars in Sweden as Reality Sets In…
SAS Sniper Takes Out 5 Jihadis with 3 Bullets…
New York Judge Swears on the Quran, Thanks Allah..
‘You Ain’t No Muslim, Bruv’ Guy Ain’t a Muslim Either…
San Bernardino Terrorist Passed Three Background Checks to Gain Entry to US…
Britain Sentences Grandmother for Comparing Islam to ‘Satan’…
Caliph Vows to Kill Pope, Enslave Christian Women…
Saudi Prince and Trump Mix it Up on Twitter…
Hate Crime in California as Mosque Firebombed…
Aspiring Student Involved in Paris-Style Massacre Plot…
ACLU Leader: Might Have to Shoot Trump Voters…
‘Insha’Allah Rabbi Delights White House…
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