Various from the religion of peace 8/7/2015_01

Picture of the Week
A gay man is about to be tossed off a building by devout Muslims.
If Allah really wanted him dead, then why doesn’t he do it himself?

Denouncing Intellect and Logic (Robert Spencer)
Good Muslims know to ignore their brains, says one cleric. We couldn’t agree more.Playing Dumb About Radical Islam (City Journal)
Even the leaders in Muslim countries denounce Islamic terror by name.

Gay Marriage Hypocrisy in the UK (Daily Mail)
“You end up with some kind of warped moral equivalence between headbangers who are trying to persuade impressionable young children to become terrorists, and devout Christians who object to gay marriage.”

Pakistan’s Continuing War Against Indian Civilization (New India)
We try to avoid sites that distract from good articles with video ads. Unfortunately, this one can’t be found anywhere else.

When Muslims Burn Jews Alive (Daniel Greenfield)
“The Muslim terrorists had mixed glue and gasoline so that the burning mixture would stick to the skin of their victims. It took years of surgery for the American couple to begin the road to recovery.”

10 Reasons to Reject Muslim Immigration (10 News)
Refugees to the West aren’t good for the West – and probably not as good as you think for the refugees, says this Danish psychologist.

4th Secular Blogger Hacked to Death…
Cleric: Sex with Slaves for Men Only…
‘Migrant’ Youth Rape Head of Reception Center (Translated)…
Polish Man Embraces Islam – Sets Sights on Mass Executions
Caliph Assigns Housekeeping Duties to Jihadis from India…
ISIS Fighters Still Receiving Finnish Benefits…
U.S. to Deport Christians Fleeing Islamic State…
Pakistan Urged to Remove Hate from School Textbooks…
Caliphate: 2000 Executions in Mosul Alone…
(US) FBI Sends Terror Suspects for Counseling…
ISIS Seizes Christian Town…
Muslim World Mocks Obama’s Failed Army of Moderates…
CAIR Demands Inside Access to Counter-Terror Programs…
Iran’s Negotiator Threw Pen at Kerry During Talks…
Prayer Mixes with Terror Talk at UK Universities…
Palestinians Stone Ambulance
US Military Families Personally Intimidated in CO and WY…
Islamic Cleric Leads ISIS Cell in Macedonia…
Caliph Sells Slave Girls for $1…
Tunisia: ‘Liberation’ of Libya Lead to Terror Attack…

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