Various from the religion of peace 8/15/2015_01

Picture of the Week

Niloy Chatterjee, a true man
Insecurity is one reason faithful Muslims hack
proponents of science and secularism to death while
“peace-loving” Muslims never seem to get too upset about it.

‘Islamophobia’: Fact or Fiction (Gatestone)
So-called anti-blasphemy laws are never about protecting other religion – about whom Muslims blaspheme incessantly – but to block criticism of Islam.

Were Non-Violent Nazis the ‘Real’ Nazis? (PJ Media)
“There are ‘good Muslims’. But they are good not because they follow a good, or ‘moderate’, Islam, but because they are not thoroughly committed to Islam in the first place.”

Religion of Peace – the Sunni Version (Western Journalism)
Time to take off the blinders?

19-Year-Old Sudanese Woman to Be Lashed for Wearing Pants…
Caliph to Christians: Pay Up or We’ll Rape Your Women…
Shiites Want Police Protection from Sunnis – in Britain…
(US) Murder in Maine: Case Quickly Sealed from Public…
Farrakhan Shouts ‘Allah Akbar’: White People Deserve to Die…
ISIS Claims Mediterranean Port City…
‘God’s Judgment’: Gay Men Stoned by Mob…
Multiculturalism in Sydney as Man Attempts to Rape Dog…
France Puts Churches on Alert…
American Hostage Raped Personally by the Caliph…
Sex Slavery in Islam Has CNN’s Cuomo Concerned w/ Image…
Christian Orphanage Guards Attacked (Istanbul)…
‘Mrs. Terror’ Back in Britain?
Residents: Calais Dying ‘Slow Death’…

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