Various from the religion of peace 9/9/2015_01

Picture of the Week

What’s cooking in the caliphate?

CAIR Pressures Obama for More Muslims (FrontPage Magazine)
A terror-linked group that usually pretends Muslims in the U.S. are discriminated against and persecuted is openly lobbying for more to be let in.

Gimme, Gimme! (Gatestone)
Europe throws open its borders to a gold rush – with guaranteed results for all.

Caring More about ‘Islamophobia’ than Anti-Semitism? (Spectator)
“The liberal elite’s myopic focus on Islamophobia is really an expression of distrust for the insufficiently multicultural, apparently Western-centric masses.”

Islam’s Conquest of Europe (CNS News)
Demography is destiny. People who live on the world’s smallest continent are drowning themselves in those who do not share their egalitarian and liberal values.

You Can Make a Difference (Pickering Post)
Part of a series exposing the halal industry offers some hope into effecting change.

Why the Iran Deal Will Mean War (Daniel Greenfield)
By signing off on Iran’s Shiite bomb, Obama was also signing off on an Egyptian-Saudi Sunni bomb. The problem is these parties all have a history of using terrorists to do their dirty work.

Time to Help the Kurds (Sydney Morning Herald)
“Kurds have stood up to the genocide of Islamic State and are the first line of defense of our civilization.”

India Frees Sex Slaves Held by Saudi Diplomat…
Man Tries to Sell Children to Pay for Jirga Fine…
3 of 4 ‘Refugees’ are Men…
Female Journalist Executed by the Caliph…
Indian Muslim Leader Warns of ‘Violence’ over Quran Misquote…
Cairo to Hold ‘Miss Cemetery’ Beauty Contest…
Kurdish Man Stabbed to Death by Turkish Racists…
‘War Refugee’ Holidays Back in Home Country…
Another Coptic Soldier Shot by Fellow Troops…
(US) Chaldean Refugees Resist Planned Mosque…
Three ‘Kenyans’ Caught Trying to Bomb Shopping Mall…
Caliphate Commander Shot Dead by His Own Sex Slaves…
UK: Corbyn Went to Conference Backing Attacks on UK Troops…
‘War Refugees’ Turn Their Nose Up at Uruguay…
NZ Minister: Send ‘Migrant’ Men Back to Fight ISIS…
Man Vacationing in US Molests Girl on Plane…
ISIS Electrocutes 27…

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