Various from the religion of peace 9/12/2015_01

Picture of the Week

Lightning strikes a crane on the anniversary of 9/11
and collapses it directly into Islam’s holiest site.

How About an ‘Islamist Awareness Week’? (American Thinker)
September reflects many of militant Islam’s contributions to human history. Why not make it official?

A Final Cry from 9/11 (Western Journalism)
“That momentary burst of prayer, patriotism and resolve sparked by 9/11 turned out to be little more than jailhouse religion.”

UK Novelist: Our Way of Life is Under Threat (Frederick Forsythe)
“Ours is a crowded continent and our homeland a group of congested islands. We cannot absorb 10 or even 20 million arriving from Africa and near-Asia, however much we sympathize with those seeking a better life, without destroying our own societies.”

Indian Muslims Outraged by Blood Donation Drive…
French Soccer Fan Embraces Islam – Blows Himself Up…
Saudi Beheadings to Double in 2015…
Temple Mount Muslims Fight for Right to Harass Jews…
Massive Muslim Refugee Wave Worries Persecuted Christians
Polish Catholics Cool to Pope’s Call for More Muslims…
Florida Man Wanted to Dip 9/11 Memorial Bomb in Rat Poison…
UN Warns: ‘Millions’ More ‘Refugees on the Way…
ISIS Impregnates 9-Year-Old Girl (Story from April)…
Bill Mahr: Muslim ‘Migrants’ Will Make Europe Less Tolerant…
Muslims Traveled from China to Bomb Hindu Shrine in Thailand
NY Times Runs List of Jewish Politicians, Districts…
FL Gun Shop Offers 9/11-Theme Sale – Coupon Code: ‘Muslim’…

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